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Custom transition when launching an Activity


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2.0 S3 (6june)
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Launched activity should be able to implement it's own UI transitions when opened/closed
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Whiteboard: [systemsfe]
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If we can re-design the opening transition to work as an activity, I think that provides a lot of value as users can potentially open activites from many different apps. Having a single unified transition into  activities would be more consistent.
The issue with the current activities transition is that it comes from the bottom. With the introduction of the Flow UX (Haida) in coming releases, this will conflict with notifications and the general spatial model. Is it possible to use the app transition or have the collection quickly fade in?
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So it sounds like we should have some kind of transition for activities that is more inline with haida and notifications. If we have some idea of what that transition would look like, it would be good to know.

I would like to avoid creating throwaway work for smart collections if we are just going to change the transition to avoid conflicting with notifications down the road.
We discussed this issue during our ux frameworks meeting last week and agree that the current transition conflicts with the planned notifications transition. As a result, we are proposing a quick (300 ms) fade in. Kevin, please flag me if you need this spec'd out or if you need alternatives.
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It seems like all activity transitions are changing to a quick fade in. We could them perhaps include our own inner transition if we wanted from within the collection app depending on UX. Anyway - I think the 300ms transition should be fine, and fast enough to not need a custom activity animation. Please reopen this if you think this is wrong.
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