Create custom extension webservice API for BMO for Selectica to send data and make component and other changes to linked bugs



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4 years ago
Adding this bug for tracking purposes and for other discussion.

Selectica will be sending data to BMO when a contract that is linked to a bug report has a status update. The status update will trigger certain changes in the linked bug such as component changes, etc. The mapping is outlined below.
The webservice API will reside in it's own extension and a specific Bugzilla user will be used for all transactions. As long as the user is authenticated properly, it will be allowed to make changes to the bugs it needs to.


Once the Selectica record is changed to stage "Execute" take the following actions in the bugs:

         1. Change the component of the legal bug according to the following rules (if possible). 

        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * Vendor/Consultant Agreement (no SOW yet)
              * Vendor/Consultant Agreement with SOW
              * Independent Contractor agreement with SOW
              * SOW
              * Hosted Service Agreement
              * Software or Hardware with services
              * Other IT Agreement (e.g. colo, data center, ISP)
              * Other (e.g. hotel reservation, supplies purchase, change order)
              * Not sure

        Then Component = Vendor/Services


        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * Software License
              * Hardware Purchase
              * Clickwrap Agreement/Terms of Service

        Then Component = Licensing


        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * OEM License
              * OEM MOU
              * Carrier License
              * Carrier MOU
              * Other Firefox OS Agreement

        Then Component = Firefox OS Distribution Deals and Trademark Licenses

        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * FX for Android distro
              * FX for desktop distro

        Then Component = Firefox Distribution/Bundling

        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * Marketing activity
              * Advertising/Sponsorship Agreement

        Then Component = Engagement

        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * Strategic Partnership

        Then Component = General


        If Contract Sub-type is:

              * Mutual
              * One Way Employment
              * One Way Potential Vendor
              * One Way for Individuals
              * One Way for Temps
              * Crash Report Eval Agr

        Then Component = NDA

            b.    Copy the comments from the team collaboration pages into a comment in the corresponding bug (legal, finance,

            c.    Copy the Contract ID into all the bugs

            d.    Pull the entries from the Whiteboard fields in Selectica into the whiteboards for the corresponding bugs

            e.    If possible, pull the team assignees into the assigned to fields in Bugzilla. Complication is that Selectica
        credentials may not match Bugzilla credentials.

            f.    Add date info pulled over into each bug

Right now we are waiting for Selectica to send us the sample data it will be sending to BMO and then we can send them back a REST endpoint that will accept the data. We will put the endpoint on which is externally accssible for testing.

Liz, any idea when we should receive the data from Selectica?

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Comment 1

4 years ago
Implementation details:

Create new extension called Selectica 
  extensions/Selectica/ (webservices hook)

 XMLPRC/JSONRPC: Selectica.update
 REST: PUT /rest/selectica/bug/<bugid>

The data payload would be a hash containing the selectica contract details with the bare minimum of key/values needed to make the bug changes needed.
Assignee: nobody → dylan

Comment 2

4 years ago
Liz. Any word from the Selectica folks on when they can get us the sample data in JSON format that they will be sending when a contract status has changed? We want to start working on the prototype that they can then test with.


Comment 3

4 years ago
Hi David, there's a chance we won't do the bugzilla integration after all. I should know for sure next week and will update this bug.
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Comment 4

4 years ago
(In reply to Liz Compton [:liz] (please use need info) from comment #3)
> Hi David, there's a chance we won't do the bugzilla integration after all. I
> should know for sure next week and will update this bug.

That would be an interesting turn of events. Will wait then to hear what the outcome is.

Comment 5

4 years ago
We've decided not to do the bugzilla integration after all. Finance and Security Assurance both say they don't need it, and Legal can manage without it, so at least for now, we're going to forgo the integration. Thanks for all your help figuring out how we could do it.

Comment 6

4 years ago
Thank you Liz for letting us know about the decision. Please let us know if we
can be of any assistance in the future.

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