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4 years ago
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I need an API Key.  I'm creating a dashboard for the Mozillians of Vancouver.

I'll be using the following group to gather the people who work for Mozilla from the Vancouver area.

From this information I'll likely be using the connected accounts of the people in the group to display information like "Latest Tweet" or "Latest Commit to Github".

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4 years ago
We have some changes to the API coming in the next couple months, so let us talk about what API access makes sense for this project. I suggest reading this page:

With the new API (called APIv2), there will be "vouched"-level API keys and "reviewed"-level API keys. You will be able to get a "vouched"-level API key and access public data. If a "reviewed"-level API key would be better for this project, we need to review and have a conversation that gives Mozillians stakeholders confidence that the app will handle data responsibly and can protect it from overexposure. (This review process remains to be specified).

To unblock you and allow you to continue your development right now, I can provide a "Corporate"-level API key using APIv1 with our development environment. This environment has anonymized data, though it could be used for development. You could simply modify your local database to have people with a Vancouver location and real external accounts to help with development and testing. Let me know if that sounds good, and I will send you an API key.

Please create a profile on (our development environment) if you have not already. Then leave a comment in this bug with your profile URL, which will be something like _user_123. You can access your profile URL by clicking on the Menu icon and then View Profile.

Once I have your profile URL, I will create your Corporate-level API key for the development environment and email it to you.

I am also happy to discuss other ideas or answer questions. I am really excited to see this project come to life, Bryan!
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Summary: Mozillians API request → Mozillians API request: Mozillians of Vancouver dashboard

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4 years ago
Great!  Sounds like a good path forward so I can get started.  And I'd love to hear any ideas you have.  We've been creating some dashboards for the office, like so:

here's my dev profile:
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4 years ago
Nice dashboard!

I have created a Corporate-level API key for the development environment and emailed it to you. Please use this for now. When you are ready to get an APIv2 key, please flag me with needinfo and we can talk about what makes sense.

If you have any questions, stop by the #commtools IRC channel.
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