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During the research sprint, one major finding is: "Previews of individual tabs are helpful when switching between them."

The horizontal tab strip provides an efficient way of switching in between tabs, adding a tab, and deleting a tab. However, is there anything we could do to visually display tabs in context?

I did two animation experiments: 
1. Individual peek: http://cl.ly/image/3H26241W271n
2. Thumbnails on top: http://cl.ly/image/0S0l2G190P23

Feedback from Deb:
"The second approach can help me identify tabs faster since they are shown in thumbnails all at once."

I think it would be helpful to start off building prototypes, trying them out and iterating on the ideas.

Next step:
* Prototyping
* Refinement(Visual+ IxD)
* Implementation
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