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Make sure the attention screen can be accessed from locked phone


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Potentially need new bug to leverage the Settings changes below for the "Locked Screen" scenario - if not covered in the above design:
Kyle Machulis: So for my side of things, the settings OOP work (bugs 846200 and 900551) is happening now, and technically due the end of this sprint (a week from tomorrow) but we want it done ASAP to get as much testing time and usage expansion (for things like this) as possible before feature freeze. Watching those bugs is your best bet for updates.

One additional thing we will need is some protection (whitelist) of which settings we expose to privileged - I will follow up in the bug about this. But we can land that later in the cycle probably if need be I think.

Once both of those bugs land, adding the specific permission shouldn't take too much work.
The title of this bug doesn't match what is in comment 0. Access to attention-screen solves the title of this bug. Comment 0 talks about settings - does loop need access to settings? From kyle's comment it sounds like this would be possible by including whatever settings loop wants in the privileged settings whitelist that Kyle was talking about. (I assume). But I'd prefer not to expose settings unless it is really necessary.
Vivien let me know this will happen by default with new design
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