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GDI / no DirectWrite / HWA off - some fonts aren't applied (DejaVu Sans ExtraLight, Roboto Black, Ubuntu Medium, etc.)


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Windows 7
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1. Starting with a brand new profile, disable hardware acceleration and restart Firefox.
2. Open the attached testcase.
3. Under Linux Mint, font-family: "DejaVu Sans ExtraLight" is not applied. Everything else is okay.
4. Under Windows 7,
* In the top table, the highlighted fonts are not applied. The default font, Times New Roman is used instead.
* In the bottom table, the wrong font faces are applied for the highlighted fonts. For example, DejaVu Sans is used instead of DejaVu Sans ExtraLight and Roboto Bold instead of Roboto Black.
5. I haven't tested myself, but someone else couldn't reproduce this under Windows 8. See bug 835204, comment 12.

I've also tested Firefox 12 under Windows 7, and the issue is still present. So this isn't caused by bug 705594. Not that I expected font fallback to have anything to do with this, but I thought it best to double-check.

A small screenshot is at bug 835204, comment 11.

Bug 835204, comment 12:
> It works for me; see attached (this is the GDI rendering, i.e. without h/w accel;
> under DirectWrite, the "Hello world" text renders the same, using the Roboto Black
> face, but the inspector's Fonts pane reports that it was "Used as: Roboto" because
> it is treated as part of that family).

data:text/html,<div style="font-family:Roboto Black,Roboto;font-weight:900">Hello world</div>

I've loaded the above data URL pictured in your screenshot and I get the same result. So that rules out the difference being due to my testcase. Presumably we've both tested using brand new profiles in the latest Nightly, so the only notable differences are the operating system and DPI settings.

Bug 835204, comment 13.
> font-family: "Roboto Black"; (with quote)?

You can see in the previous screenshot that I used single ' quotes. Double " quotes aren't valid inside the style attribute value, when the whole thing is wrapped in them.
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