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17 years ago
Some ideas for possible enhancements to the new tab-browser widgets...

1) tab states persist between sessions. Upon restart, only the page for the last
viewed tab is loaded, but the other tabs that were in the window at app closure
are still there.

2) a preference setting so that all new non-intrinsically-sized windows open up
as a tab instead of a new window. So, if link in a page in browser window A
would bring up a new window (without size specified) then that new window comes
up as a new tab in browser window A.

3) Chrome URLs in a tab could take over the chrome outside the browser window,
too. Currently, if you open up Mail/News inside a tab, the menus and toolbars
are all contained within that browser tab. Instead, the menus and toolbars could
take place of the browser menus and toolbars, until a tab to an HTML page is chosen.

4) Some permanent app-based tabs could be created, like for mail/news, chat,
etc. These could use image icons instead of text in the tab, and reside at the
right end of the tab bar, next to the close-tab 'x'.
Blocks: 101794
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17 years ago
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Component: XP Apps: GUI Features → Tabbed Browser
QA Contact: jrgm → blakeross

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17 years ago
5) Constant tab size option. The size of a tab currently changes when its label 
changes, moving with it all tabs to its right. This option would avoid this 

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