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[Lockscreen] - @2.25x icon scale


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Updated missing images for lockscreen, base on @2.25x icon, Thanks!

> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/lockscreen_camera@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/lockscreen_notification_arrow@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/lockscreen_toggle_arrow_left@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/lockscreen_toggle_arrow_right@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/lockscreen_unlock@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/lockscreen/images/pin_camera@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-big-next@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-big-pause@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-big-play@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-big-previous@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-next@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-pause@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-play@2.25x.png
> ./apps/system/style/media_playback/images/lockscreen-icon-previous@2.25x.png
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Summary: [Flame][Lockscreen] - @2.25x icon scale → [Lockscreen] - @2.25x icon scale
Attached file patch for Gaia/master
Hey Fang,
can you check this one on real device(I don't have a device yet)
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patch for Gaia/master

I think this patch should rely on UI review rather than code review.
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Thanks :)

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Hi Pavel,

I've checked this on the real device. The icons look like still a bit fuzzy, and also the entire lock bar shrinks down compared to the rest of UI elements. You can refer to file attached, I took a screenshot of it. Thanks!
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Hey Greg,

Can you help us to find why the images are fuzzy ... as I see there we use canvas for this part of lock screen and maybe the problem is related with the image size ... and for the example:
`lockscreen_toggle_arrow_left.png size in px = 30x30)` and the old version of left arrow is `larrow.png (size in px = 10x20)`

do you have idea?
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According to John Lu who implemented LockScreen visual refreshing, we've encountered weird cases that the fuzzy arrow would sometime disappear after reseting. But I'm sure if we really have a clue about the fuzzy issue. I think to NI him is better.
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The fuzzy slider arrows were due to some wrong assumptions/logics in canvas operations. It was fixed in bug 1021479. Both Flame and Nexus 4 should benefit from the fix (for Nexus 4, of course, we needed the 2.25x assets, too).

The relatively shorter width of the slider with Nexus 4 seems like another issue, though. I'll need to spend time investigating it if it's blocking something else.
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