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Nuke allowFloat32Optimizations()


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This was introduced when waiting for ARM backend implementation. Now that all architectures (including MIPS!) support Float32, we can just get rid of it.

04.18:59:52 < bbouvier> has anybody tried to disable allowFloat32Optimization() recently, on any platform?
04.19:00:27 < mjrosenb> bbouvier: I did!
04.19:00:31 < mjrosenb> bbouvier: it failed horribly!
04.19:01:12 < bbouvier> mjrosenb: that's unfortunate but kind of expected
04.19:01:23 < bbouvier> mjrosenb: i would like to nuke it entirely, what do you think?
04.19:02:03 < bbouvier> not sure that keeping it and making it work is worth the investment
04.19:05:01  * mjrosenb tries to remember *why* he turned it off...
04.19:05:07 <    mjrosenb>| I'm pretty sure I had a good reason.
04.19:06:54 < bbouvier> the only reason that justifies keeping it would be to make sure whether a bug is due to float32 or not
04.19:07:19 < bbouvier> but in that case, i'd extend the concept to have a shell flag to be able to enable / disable float32 optimizations
04.19:07:32 < bbouvier> and once again, not feeling we need that
04.19:08:39 <    mjrosenb>| right.  and even embedders don't have a reason to disable it at all.

Unless somebody is in the mood for making it a shell flag and fix the issues that need to be fixed, I'd be in favor with deleting it entirely.
If everybody agrees, let's go.
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Nuke allowFloat32Optimizations()

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Better ARM support landed yesterday on master, and AArch64 support is trivial due to register sanity, so this should be good to go!
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It seems that full float32 support for ARM ended landing today, so try-ing just to be sure, as the patch had time to bit rot a bit.
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