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JS Stacks no longer reported in the profiler


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Looks like it's caused by 1004726.
Good: ece2f032c42a
Bad: 163cef53a92c

Looks like it's still reproducible with 163cef53a92c, the latest landing of bug 1004726 .
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However, it does work on (my) fx-team tip (748b4ffb759e). I would suggest waiting for a merge and testing it out again once it hits m-c.
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JS profiling with the Gecko profiler add-on still doesn't work for me in today's Nightly (20140616030203).
Can you have a look victor or backout bug 1004726? This is an important regression.
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I'm not convinced bug 1004726 is the culprit, because comment 2. But I'll try backing it out and see if it fixes things.
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Again, the profiler WORKS and correctly displays JS stacks on fx-team, but not mozilla-central. Possibly a bad merge?
It can't be a merge. The problem was introduced on this changeset on mozilla-central which is not a merge:

I believe you that it works on fx-team but the fact remains that this broke on your changeset on master. Perhaps looking at the difference on fx-team and mozilla-central will point you to the problem.
(In reply to Benoit Girard (:BenWa) from comment #7)
> It can't be a merge. The problem was introduced on this changeset on
> mozilla-central which is not a merge:

It was landed as part of this push, which is a merge:
I checked out the individual changesets mentioned in Comment 1 so I never built with the merge commit. I doubt it was a merge error but perhaps my analysis in Comment 1 was flawed.
Oh I see.
Can you look into why this is busted on mozilla-central?
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Already am.
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The gecko profiler works properly with a fresh m-c build on 163cef53a92c.
Um... a m-c tip also works fine .__.
It's still broken for me and likely everyone else who comes to me complaining that this is broken. I even tried in a new profile.
I believe you, I just don't know what's going on here.
Building with the default SDK makes no difference vs. the 10.8 SDK.
Testing on b2g I am also running into this (testing from the latest mc flame build)
I asked Kannan for a little help on this bug. He built a m-c clone on 163cef53a92c and the Gecko Profiler works properly for him too. Furthermore, a build on m-c tip works ok too.

I pushed a fresh m-c clone to try, builds only:
The builds there work too.

I'm guessing there must be some sort of build configuration difference.
On a long shot I just did a regular opt build from trunk on my mac and this problem reproduces.  Yay!
I can *only* reproduce this if I build with
> ac_add_options --enable-profiling
and *only* if the Gecko Profiler addon is installed. Removing the addon makes js entries correctly appear in the built-in profiler. Having it enabled causes an assertion immediately as the addon is enabled:
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In hindsight, this doesn't seem like it was a hard bug at all.
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Review of attachment 8445444 [details] [diff] [review]:

Nice!  Have you confirmed that this resolves the issue?
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(In reply to Kannan Vijayan [:djvj] from comment #23)
> Comment on attachment 8445444 [details] [diff] [review]

It fixes things with my build. Having someone else confirming this would be nice too.
This patch fixes the problem for me. Thank you so much!
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