[Video]Video Pick activity Header is not aligned with Gallery Header



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4 years ago
The Video Pick activity Header is different from Gallery Pick activity Header.

1.Open SMS/Email
2.Select attachment as Video->Check the Header Back button,space between back and "Select a Video" is more and background header color
3.Select attachment as Gallery and check the Header

Gallery and Video Pick activity Header should be same.

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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
This issue is present in Version 1.4.
That is very odd indeed. For 1.4 they should both be left-aligned and match up. For 2.0, they should both be centered due to visual design changes to the Header BB.

Do we know if these pickers are using the Header BB?
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Russn - can you take a look when you have a moment? Thanks! :)
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4 years ago
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I'm not familiar with the changes to the header BB. Tif, can you elaborate on those? Both elements in 1.4 and master are using the "icon-back" class. I don't see differences in the css between 1.4 and master. I'm guessing I'm not looking in the right place.
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Video and Gallery screenshot

It's mainly around the text - it's now centered and the font is different.

I actually just tried to repro today and the headers are different than the original attachment though the alignment still looks funky.

See attached.

Build info is Flame
Gaia      857129928b6e56a809cee9d5445effb8fa9f1c2c
Gecko     https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/c8288d0c7a15
BuildID   20140606040202
Version   32.0a1
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gallery pick header (with text from video)
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To test the alignment and font, I updated gallery to use the same 'select' text as the video app: 'Select a Video'. As you can see from the attachments in comment #7 and comment #8, the font and the alignment is identical between the gallery and video pick headers. As you can also see, the background of the headers is different. This I will continue to investigate.
Which of the background colors is correct, the grey or the black? I'm assuming grey but I'd like to confirm. Thanks.
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I'm attaching two more images, one of the CSS hierarchy of the gallery pick header and one of the CSS hierarchy of the video pick header. It seems the backgrounds are different because in the case of the video header both headers.css 'background-color' properties are crossed out, while in the case of gallery only one is crossed out. My knowledge/understanding of CSS is limited. How does a CSS property become crossed out in app manager?
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app manager view of gallery pick header
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app manager view of video pick header
Hello! Sorry for the delay. I spoke with Amy and we should be using grey like what is in Gallery edit mode. Thanks for double checking Russ!
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