Create script to install and setup pre-requirements for puppetizing a host



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It would be great if the script could pre-install all the requirements, so that the machine can get puppetized in one go.

The problem I currently have is in It requires proxy settings to download facter, and maybe other tools necessary. I have to do this outside of, because the script fails immediately with facter not found. All this involves a lot of copy and paste. So why not let the script do all that?
I'm not sure what you mean - the code that installs also installs its requirements, including facter, puppet, and a few other things beyond the base system. also doesn't download facter - that happens before runs. should not require a proxy, as it's on the same VLAN as the resources it needs to reach.  In fact, it specifically disables proxies:

while true; do
    https_proxy= python <<EOF
import urllib2, getpass

So I need a bit more detail about what you're seeing.
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Oh, wait. so which script I will have to run then to get a system added to puppet infra? Looks like I'm wrong.
For a newly installed system, you don't have to run anything - puppet is installed and run automatically.

For an existing system that you're not reinstalling, you'll need to do the bit ordinarily done by the kickstart process.  Those are driven by
and the included files are in


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It doesn't look to be worth of our time. Just reinstalling the OS with kickstart enabled is way easier. Also you are right, it's the wrong script I'm referencing here. Lets close as WONTFIX.
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Summary: should install pre-requirements for puppetizing a host → Create script to install and setup pre-requirements for puppetizing a host
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