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Delete unwrapBkey from FxA user data after we fetch and calculate keys


(Firefox :: Firefox Accounts, defect)

Not set



Firefox 33


(Reporter: ckarlof, Assigned: warner)



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I believe this amounts to adding "delete data.unwrapBKey" here:

and adding some tests to make sure it gets deleted after a successful key fetch.
This should be everything.
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Ah, this format of patch should be slightly easier to mark checkin-needed.
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There are two unrelated tests which fail when I run the full suite, but those same tests fail when I run an unmodified git checkout (1f1507a8dac30b1bbf934a801d48a684cf375ae0). So I think this is ready for checkin.
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Thanks Nick!

Ryan: is that sufficient? (sorry, I'm new at using checkin-needed).
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