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Use HiDPI icons for some various primary-UI things


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A few minor icons in primary UI still need hidpi versions, so they don't look blurry (upscaled) on Retina displays. Instead of filing bugs on each I've just randomly grouped them here, as they should be simple to fix. If not feel free to split up or do followups.

    * In the click-and-hold dropdown from the back/forward buttons on the
      navbar, hovering an history entry replaces the favicon with a back or
      forward arrow. This needs a hidpi version. (NOTE: site favicons
      show in this dropdown are out-of-scope for this bug, making them hidpi
      requires deeper Places changes.)

    * Find in Page toolbar, the magnifying glass icon in the search textbox

    * From the all-tabs menu (dropdown in the tabstrip), the panorama
      menuitem's icon

    * In the history sidebar, the "View ↕" icon in history sidebar. (Note
      that there's a redesign happening in bug 989102, so this may go away.)
Flags: firefox-backlog+
One more from another bug:

* If you've saved a keyword search bookmark, it shows up in the awesomebar
  with a magnifying-glass icon. It should be hidpi.
Duplicate of this bug: 795665
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