[Breakdown] Audit theme images without a HiDPI @2x version




5 years ago
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5 years ago
While doing the breakdown work in bug 1016548, I've filed a number of bugs on specific places in Firefox UI that are lacking a HiDPI image asset (i.e., things that are blurry/upscaled on Retina).

I also too a look through our theme directories to help find smaller things that are easy to miss elsewhere. This is quite a grabbag. I've tried to weed out things covered in other bugs or that are obsolete/unused, but there's still leftover stuff I'm unsure about. 

Someone should go through these and further distill this down to things we need to fix.

    * browser/themes/osx/tabbrowser/tab-overflow-border.png
      (bug 878020 is deleting this, but also adding a different version?)
    * browser/themes/osx/tabbrowser/alltabs-box-bkgnd-icon.png (but there is
      a @2x version for -lion.png)
    * browser/themes/osx/click-to-play-warning-stripes.png
    * browser/themes/osx/icon.png
    * browser/themes/osx/Info.png
    * browser/themes/osx/panel-plus-sign.png
    * browser/themes/osx/slowStartup-16.png
    * browser/themes/osx/toolbarbutton-dropmarker.png (but there are for -lion.png)
    * most of toolkit/themes/osx/global/arrow/
    * most of toolkit/themes/osx/global/checkbox/
    * most of most of toolkit/themes/osx/global/icons/
    * toolkit/themes/osx/mozapps/update/ (?)
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5 years ago
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4 years ago
zpao notes that the /!\ icon shows in Clear Recent History (w/ "Everything" option selected) is also lowdpi. Looks like it's probably using toolkit/themes/osx/global/icons/warning-64.png
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