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[Meta] Investigate whether Speedometer is a useful benchmark and if so, compare to other browsers and optimize Gecko when needed


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On 64 bit linux Nightly gives 38 runs/min, Chromium 28.
But based on would be good to get numbers on OSX and compare to Safari.

When looking at the source 
or just the source code of ) it is a bit hard to see
what the whole thing is actually testing.
I was doing random profiling during the test run (at least during AngularJS and jQuery parts) and
self-time was mostly in JS.
HTML parser showed up a bit too. As far as I see, mostly doing appends to nsTArray 

I need to test with the patch for bug 902618.
On my Mac, I see numbers like so:

Chrome 37 dev: 46.2 ± 1.5 runs/min
WebKit nightly: 104.6 ± 0.60 runs/min
Firefox nightly: 58.2 ± 0.62 runs/min

For comparison, also,

Safari 7.0.4 release: 65.52 ± 0.60 runs/min
Firefox 29 release: 53.1 ± 7.8 runs/min (might be load issues on my machine; it had one 9 run/min run and a bunch in the 60+ range).

Profiling this is a pain, I bet, because it will include a bunch of load-time things that the benchmark doesn't include in the score.
bug 902618 doesn't seem to have any affect to the results.
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See Also: 1022988
bz thinks Speedometer has a potential to test DOM perf better than Dormaeo does.

This might give it higher priority than other tests we're considering at bug  	1022714.
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Yeah, potential.
At least in the form speedometer was released it was basically testing
some innerHTML and DOM mutations related to <input> and js execution. So not too good.
But rniwa hinted speedometer would get some more tests, so the idea is to make it more useful.
(In reply to Avi Halachmi (:avih) from comment #4)
> This might give it higher priority than other tests we're considering at bug
> 1022714.

Ermm.. bug 1040081 (too long dependency chains...)
Olli, will you ping me when it becomes more useful then?
I'll try to remember to check occasionally.
Doesn't look like it has been developed actively recently.
We are tracking Speedometer v2 work in bug 1339557.
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Duplicate of bug: Speedometer_V2
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