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Kindle Fire HD 7: auto deletions when typing URL in address bar


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(Whiteboard: kindle)

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Build ID: 20140424140400

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start Firefox or open a new tab
2. Place cursor in address bar
3. Start typing

Actual results:

1. The first few characters typed show up briefly (and trigger the URL suggestions box), but are then removed from the address bar; after a few characters and once the URL suggestion drop down was populated once, further characters are correctly handled and remain in the address bar.
2. The second(!) space character entered is removed from the URL.

Example 1:
When typing the URL '', what ends up in the address bar looks like ''.

Example 2:
When typing the search terms 'the sun shines', the resulting text in the address bar is 'e sunshines'.

Expected results:

The text should appear in the adress bar exactly as typed with all characters and spaces. The initialization of the URL suggestions drop down box must not lead to the removal of initially typed characters (like an address bar reset).

1. Type first character and wait for 3-5 seconds until URL suggestion dropdown box is fully populated, then continue typing -> no deletion of the initial character(s).
2. Remeber to press the space key twice for the second space character entered.

Side notes:
1. Tested on multiple Kindle Fire HD 7“ - consistent.
2. Tested with firmware (April 26), German system language settings.
3. Independent from selected keyboard language.
4. Problem is specific to Firefox, does not happen in any other app.
Can you try Nightly ( for Android and report back if that works better?
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Tested with 32.0a1 (2014-06-08):

1. Second spaces seem no longer to get suppressed (at least I could no longer reproduce this problem).

2. Problem that address bar content is erased/reset during the initial population of the suggestions box (resulting in an arbitrary numer of initially typed characters missing from the URL string) remains.
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I'll try to repro when my Kindle finishes charging.
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Whiteboard: kindle
I can only reproduce this the first time the keyboard is used after device boot. Thereafter, killing Nightly and relaunching it doesn't reproduce the behavior.

It feels linked to the keyboard loading its autocomplete dictionary.

Someone more familiar with IME stuff should give some pointers on how to detect what's going on here. Jim?
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NI'ing for Jim

Based on comment 2, some of the initial issues are now fixed, but the auto-deletion issue remains. Do we have other similar bugs on non-kindle hardware?
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I think it's unique to Kindle / the Kindle keyboard
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