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[search] After killing search app it cannot be relaunched


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::Homescreen, defect)

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This is probably a keyboard manager bug but I found it while trying to iterate on the search app.

E/GeckoConsole( 7024): Content JS LOG at app:// in InputMethodManager.prototype.switchCurrentIMEngine/p<: InputMethodManager: Promise is resolved after another switchCurrentIMEngine() call. Reject the promise instead

I did the following:

Launch search app
Search for "n"
press enter

kill search app
(n is still visible)
hit enter
(error appears)
How exactly is the search app being killed here? LMK or simulated by killing the process via adb?
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The process was killed via adb ... hard to say if low memory conditions killing the search app would cause this too.
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Rocketbar.js should handle search crashes :

Presumably this should handle LMK situations, but I'm not sure if it does when you kill it through ADB?
Moving to VH next since we won't stop ship of the release with this issue. If it's implemented in time, then we'll get approval.
Blocks: vertical-home-next
No longer blocks: vertical-homescreen
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No longer blocks: vertical-home-next
Can you please put a reason when unblocking? I was using the bug as a bucket for everything that would make it nicer, this is one of those items.
Mass update: Resolve wontfix all issues with legacy homescreens.

As of 2.6 we have a new homescreen and having these issues open is confusing. All issues will block bug 1231115 so we can use that to re-visit any of these if needed.
Blocks: 1231115
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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