Reorganize themes to use shared and OS specific rules and files



4 years ago
4 years ago


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4 years ago
Currently the application themes consist of some OS-specific files, some OS specific folders (for the tabbrowser and preferences) and IFDEFs in CSS files to create the variants using the preprocessor.

We should have a shared folder instead that contains OS independent files and folders for every OS that contain the customizations specific for this system.
(In reply to Benedikt Pfeifer [:Mic] from comment #0)

Thanks for filing! :-)


flo-retina: aleth_web: " There are two conventions for this, one is the older one used by (most of) IB and one is the newer one with OS-specific folders (now) used by TB and FX." it's actually more complicated than that: the old convention is to have OS specific themes (each of them being more or less a fork of the others).
For Instantbird I decided to ignore that, because most of our theming code is shared across all the 3 platforms, so that would have caused painful duplication that I didn't want to handle... and I preferred going the ifdef way.
Now, the _new_ convention for Firefox is to have a "shared" folder with as much stuff as possible, and OS-specific additions in OS-specific folders. That makes much more sense, and I would like us to migrate to it at some point.


I think we should also reorganise our stuff:
1. create a "shared" folder
2. move most of our stuff to it.
3. Create OS specific folders with reasonable names and get rid of the ifdefs.
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