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Web Audio Editor needs documentation, preferably by June 17th, to coincide with the release hacks post.
Assignee: wbamberg → jsantell
Jordan: Let me know if I'm missing anything important or have anything wrong. If you have a screencast I'd love to add it.
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No screencast (yet), but these docs are looking great!
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Added a note on the params that are displayed:

"Each node has zero or more AudioParam properties that configure its operation. For example, the GainNode has a single gain property, while the OscillatorNode has frequency and detune properties. Some non-AudioParam properties are sometimes displayed, like an OscillatorNode's type property, and can be configured in the node inspector panel."

Most properties that are displayed are AudioParam properties (which modifying, edits their `value` prop), but in some cases, non AudioParam's are displayed, like a BufferAudioSourceNode's `buffer` property or an OscillatorNode's `type` property, which are just primitives, not representations of an AudioParam. For better or worse, the editor normalizes these two different types of props.
Thanks for the clarification on that. I'm closing this bug, though I might update the page with anything from the blog post that looks tasty.
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