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nr_stun_client_process_response needs some refactoring


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There are a few things that bug me about nr_stun_client_process_response:

- One large function that handles two distinct duties; determining whether a STUN response's transaction id matches that of the stun context, and performing the processing of that response if so. Writing an abort: section that makes sense for both of these cases is a bit fiddly, particularly wrt logging errors.

- This function overwrites ctx->response even when the transaction id does not match, which is probably asking for confusion.

- This function decodes the STUN response, meaning that we decode the same response multiple times while searching for a matching context. This is a bit silly, although probably not that harmful.

- It is unclear to me whether we even need a |response| field in nr_stun_client_ctx; the only places that use it outside of this function are only interested in the error code, which is recorded in another field already.
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