"Activate Adobe Flash." hidden when plugin embed is too short.




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1) Open https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1869987317/wish-i-was-here-1
2) Scroll down to section "The Soundtrack"
3) There is a gray box where the Flash plugin to play the sample soundtrack should be. While clicking it does pop up the door hanger to enable flash, it's not obvious.

Show the "Activate Adobe Flash" link without the icon/image usually shown in larger embeds.

This may be a problem with all plugins, but I don't know of examples using other plugins.
We don't show the overlay contents under a certain size, it probably wouldn't be very intuitive anyway.
We will always run in "too small" plugin elements, so every cutoff size will have issues.

Note that we do show a noticable notification bar if there are only invisible or "too small" plugin elements, but in this case there is a big visible Flash element on the page as well.

There are basically no other plugins that are used multiple times & with different sizes in a page and Flash was intentionally not made click-to-play by default so far - the UX definitely is definitely not perfect if you turn it on.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Component: Flash (Adobe) → Plug-ins
OS: Linux → All
Product: Plugins → Core
Hardware: x86_64 → All
I hit this bug again today, on Nightly 2014-06-23, except this time on a much larger flash element.

Inspecting the element shows that at the bottom there is a slim section of the Flash element that is hidden behind another element.
That causes us to treat it as hidden (we sample points near the corners and in the center). The notification bar is still shown fine though, so this seems ok.

We could technically check that there is a large enough visible center area to display our in-content click-to-play UI, but given the fallback to the notification bar already works i don't think that's worth the effort.
This would be a different bug from the one reported here either way.
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