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[User story] Single step reply to email


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User Story

As a user I want a way to reply to email with a single press of a button


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Summarizing what I get from the PDF, this is what we're doing:

- moving from our single "reply" button icon that brings up an action menu with the options "reply", "reply to all", and "forward" to having 3 separate icons on the toolbar.

- Moving the "flag" indicator/button from the toolbar to the envelope area in order to make room on the bottom button toolbar for the additional 2 icons.  In total, we will have 5 icon buttons on the button toolbar: trash/move/forward/reply all/reply.

I was going to ask about how we move forward with "reply to list", but after thinking about it a little and checking out an existing summary of the complicated mailing list scenarios at I'm thinking reply-to-list might not actually be the right thing in general/anymore.  I suppose if we were to provide it we might do it as a secret long-press on the reply-all button or something like that.
Icons note: while reviewing bug 1035716 (on removing unused images that was accidentally landed before its time) an unused reply-all image was removed.  It's unused because we're actually using a reply-all image from shared/.  The in-email reply-all.png had been erroneously added in bug 918303 where :gaye indicated that only email used reply all from shared.  I don't know if this is true (SMS might use it?), but we should consider trying to clean up the whole situation a little bit when addressing this bug.
Attached is the update version of the "reply" "reply all" and "forward" icons. 
I've also included the visual mock up of these five icons in the toolbar. Please refer to the file attached. : ) Thanks!
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Use feature-b2g:2.2? rather than just 2.2.
feature-b2g: 2.2 → 2.2?
Removed it now due to Tako project.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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