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Desktop client needs a setting for default camera to use


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User Story

As a FF browser user (signed-in or not), I can set the default camera that will be used for video conversations so that I don't have to set it for each call.

Things to do (as agreed during estimation):

- Set up the panel display to have the settings button per
- Add a settings panel per
- Display the list of devices
- Allow setting the device to use

The mozLoop APIs needed should be provided by bug 1027582.


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Users may have multiple cameras on their desktop.
This setting allows selecting the default camera which will be used when answering or placing calls (no gUM dialogue).
User Story: (updated)

user not logged on, so will need to store locally in prefs and view jiggering.  create settings menu with at least one setting - covers different views. p=4
getmozpref exists
setmozpref doesn't exist

new bug for: Go into gecko to get list of cameras and mic from Gecko. p=?.... ask Maire for Gecko person.  Mozilla33 P1.
No longer depends on: 1026782
Depends on: 1027582
User Story: (updated)
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Maire investigate fixing the platform bug - RT filing the info - this is less of an issue if the call picks up external phone and video automatically.

we could push off the settings if the calls are good at auto-detecting external hardware.
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I opened Bug 1043740 and needinfo'd RT for the info on this problem.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1080147
If we want to ship Loop this quarter it would give a very bad impression of not having this.
It was very frustrating during my 1x1 call as I have a second camera since the laptop camera sucks.

On another note, I don't think it would be needed for a minimum viable product.
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info on bug 1023934 for new UX
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As described in some of the duplicates, users also need to be able to select the microphone to use.
(In reply to zrin+mozilla from comment #11)
> As described in some of the duplicates, users also need to be able to select
> the microphone to use.
> Thanks!

That's bug 1023934.
Hi Sevaan - there are 2 bugs around this (this one and Bug 1023934).  We need UX for the selection, when you have a chance and then we'll move it up in priority. =]
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Depends on: 1037389
Attached image Hello Preferences (obsolete) —
UX for In-Content Prefs provided. The first section would pertain to the default hardware and I threw in sounds as a forward-thinking idea.
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Comment on attachment 8587040 [details]
Hello Preferences

Looks good!
If we have a Hello pref pane, I think it should also include options for signing in and out.
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(In reply to tbruneti from comment #10)
tbrunetti, make others send you the link until this is fixed.
You will be prompted if others invite you.
Also notice that most people don't have two cameras like you and I.
Even if they noticed, I assume it was opted to release a first version that helps the majority and follow up with a fix.


It seems that on this bug we're fixing the UI for a preferences pane, in which bug are we fixing the issue I encounter? (code wise rather than UX wise)

My issue:
If I have two cameras plugged in, I can't choose a different camera just before I want to start a call (if I get invited I actually get to have a prompt to choose the right camera).

The pref pane would solve my issue, however, the flow seems over kill:
Before a call I do this:
* I plug the camera
* I go to the preferences
* I change the default camera to the new one
* I start a call through the Hello button

If the preferences pane remembers my default camera even if I unplug it and plug it back then the flow would look like this:
* I plug the camera
* I start a call through the Hello button

However, I belive the right flow is like this:
* I start a call through the Hello button
* I can choose one of my two cameras
(In reply to Armen Zambrano G. (:armenzg - Toronto) from comment #16)
> It seems that on this bug we're fixing the UI for a preferences pane, in
> which bug are we fixing the issue I encounter? (code wise rather than UX
> wise)

Bug 1138534.
Attached image Hello Preferences (Update #1) (obsolete) —
Updated Prefences.

Rfeeley, are you okay with the FxA sign-in part?
Attachment #8587040 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Looks good, but a few more states required, and the left-column should probably have the Hello beneath Sync in preferences.

user is new (never signed in to sync to hello)
user is signed in to sync but not hello
user was signed in to hello but signed out
user has not yet verified hello account
user has changed their password elsewhere and is logged out of hello (we need to kill this state)
user is signed in

Follow the FxA UX guidelines and the updated signed-out Sync panel for styling, and let's work with Matej on copy.

In the future we will likely unify the Sync and Hello account to offer a true "sign in to browser" experience.
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Attached image Hello Preferences (Update #2) (obsolete) —
Attachment #8587697 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Improved. Some niggly bits:

- The General pane is currently highlighted, but should the Firefox Hello tab
- We dropped Firefox from Firefox Sync when it's in the browser (which provides the context). You may feel it's okay to do the same.
- You could put a lovely Hello graphic on the "not signed in state" like we’ll soon do in Sync
- I'm not sure I see the value in the View Sync Options links
- "Not verified" state needs a "forget this email" link (in case the user typed their email wrong and needs to delete it)
- for "sync signed in, but hello not connected" state, primary action should be "Sign in as" and secondary (link style) "Use a different account" (fingers crossed they can do this)
- Manage/disconnect missing from "mic not connected"
Thanks, Ryan!
Attachment #8588664 - Attachment is obsolete: true
A few comments:
- "Default answer mode" should be removed since I'm hoping we'll have the "merge rooms and calls" feature done prior to this
- Other setting candidates we may look into in the future (to ensure this section is scalable enough): 
* Mute all sounds
* Play sound (test)
* Test cam and microphone
* Keep IM history forever / Clear IM history
* Receive notifications on new messages / ...
* Show "Typing" indicator
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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