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Errors "A promise chain failed to handle a rejection" output in browser console when hovering over the rule-view


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I don't have exact steps to reproduce and this issue seems rather random. It might even also occur on the computed-view, not sure.

- open the inspector on a page
- open the browser console (cmd+shift+J)
- move your mouse over the rule-view
- wait, repeat ...

Sometimes, not really as you move the mouse, but after a while, a series of "A promise chain failed to handle a rejection" errors will be output to the browser console.
They tend to come in groups, sometimes 3 at the same time, sometimes a lot more.
And, they tend to come completely asynchronously to any client-side action you might be doing in the rule-view.

However, they don't seem to occur with other panels, or if the devtools are closed, so there is definitely a link with the rule-view.

The full error is:

"A promise chain failed to handle a rejection.

Date: Fri Jun 13 2014 10:32:31 GMT+0200 (CEST)
Full Message: false"
I saw similar errors when using Network Monitor and I tracked the problem down to Tooltip._onBaseNodeMouseMove which does not catch rejections .isValidHoverTarget throws[1]. isValidHoverTarget rejects every time mouse moves over an element that should not trigger the tooltip.

I think these are same problems as tooltips are used in the rule-view (and few other places) too. STR with Network Monitor:
1. Open network monitor and browser console.
3. Navigate to a page that performs a few requests.
4. Move mouse over netmonitor items and wait a while.
5. Bunch of errors should appear to browser console.

Here's a try run:

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Wow, good catch Sami! Thanks for fixing this, this has been really annoying for a long time.
The code changes look good to me, and try is green, so let's land this.
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Sami, can you change the commit message to end with "; r=pbrosset" ? Thanks!
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