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Plugin White list Request - Manheim Remarketing


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<<Please supply the following information for new plugin whitelist requests>>

Plugin name: Manheim Media Player
Vendor: Manheim Remarketing
Point of contact: Chris Floersch <>
Current version:
Download URL:
Sample URL of plugin in use:

Plugin details: This is a custom audio/video player designed to deliver real time media (less than 400 ms latency) to our online auction users. While it supports RTP/RTSP in general it is not available for general use.

<<For each affected operating system, please copy the plugin information from about:plugins in Firefox>>

Manheim Media Player

    File: npmmp.dll
    Path: C:\Users\<hidden>\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\94snbkr1.default\extensions\\plugins\npmmp.dll
    State: Enabled
    Copyright 2014 Manheim

MIME Type	Description	Suffixes

We also have a mac variant but I do not have my mac with me today.. The details are the same except for the path's mac installs things.

Are there any variations in the plugin file name, MIME types, description, or version from one release to the next?

The name/details remain the same but we do occasionally update the copy right year and every release has an updated version obviously. MimeType, filename, description remain unchanged.

The plugin does not change frequently. The current version is the third publicly available version we've had since Firefox 3.5.. Only one of those upgrades was a result of Firefox changes.

Are there any known security issues in current or older versions of the plugin?

Not that we are aware of.
Because this plugin is shipped as part of a Firefox extension, it should automatically activate and should not need to be part of the whitelist. Are you experiencing problems with this in Firefox 30?

If we did whitelist, we would need the mac information, and also need to understand your transition plan away from NPAPI plugins. You can provide that plan either here as a public bug comment or in an email to  We'd love to work with you to transition your users to a WebRTC-based solution.
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We have not yet experienced any issues but then again Firefox 30 has not yet become available. We were unsure if we would be impacted or not. I am getting the feeling that we will not be impacted? At present our users install this from an XPI but we have considered pushing out future releases through the Mozilla store.

As for a migration strategy. Unfortunately there really aren't any migration strategies at this time. This is a real time audio/video player. That's something none of the major browser manufacturers are addressing and certainly not in a cross browser manner. HLS is not an option for us as it has a minimum of 15 seconds latency which is 14 and 1/2 seconds too much..

Maybe I am just missing information about WebRTC but I don't think it meets our needs. First it doesn't provide us a solution on Safari nor Internet Explorer??? Second it is browser to browser not server to browser? Maybe I'm wrong on those?

We have 85 operating locations with a total of 850 video sources which we essentially broadcast to up to 5000 users daily. Our back end infrastructure are small deices which capture and stream the video using RTP multicast. We rebroadcast that via a heavily customized Darwin media streaming server to our custom plugins. We interleave the RTP streams over the RTSP (TCP) connection to eliminate issues with NAT and firewalls. In what way would WebRTC integrate into any of that? Does it support H264/AAC-HE?? I assume it wouldn't support RTP? What sort of rebroadcasting/transcoding capabilities are there? Would we have to build all that or is there something already available?

We have developed this plugin to operate on Chrome/Firefox/Safari and a slightly tweaked variant which operates on Internet Explorer. We have also developed a player for Android and iOS.. Most of the code is common between them. As for the Safari/Firefox/Chrome plugin they are identical other than packaging.

Media isn't really our primary business. It is a result of needing a media component for an online auction system. (Not ebay style but old school auctioneer style).. We really need to find an off the shelf solution and get out of the business of writing/maintaining any sort of plugin code at all..
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Firefox 30 was released last Tuesday and has been available in beta for 6 weeks. Please test and report back.

The plugin whitelist is only intended for plugin vendors who have a plan to transition away from plugins.
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It does not appear to be having any impact on us..
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ok, then no need for the whitelist request. Although you should still be working on an NPAPI transition plan: we may eventually be removing NPAPI support completely, although probably not for a year or two.
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What do you suggest? Short of the browser companies providing some means (NPAPI like) what options do we even have other than to take our applications out of the browser?
We suggest using websockets and WebRTC for realtime communication.
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