Add "Please note which Hive Network city you're affiliated with. " to Hive Community badge



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We're going to want to know where Hive Badge applicants are coming from, especially for the Community Member Badge. Identifying whether they are in an existing network, emergent community, etc. can help us with contributor tracking and targeting areas where Hive can expand, or is already naturally expanding.

This could be part of the badge application (what Hive are you from), or a field in the profile.
@ Robert: good idea.

* +1 to adding this as a field in the application process. 
"What Hive are you from?" or "How'd you hear about this badge?" kind of thing

* I think the workflow we want for these kinds of tweaks is: 
have you or one of your trusted admins make these kinds of changes directly in BadgeKit yourself. That way you can make improvements without having to rely on or be blocked by a dev.

* Also: it helps us test and improve BadgeKit. Can you try that?
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* Robert: I think you mentioned that this change actually isn't possible for you to make yourself through BadgeKit. 

* Should we just add this as a "criteria" question to the badge detail page? e.g.,

"What Hive are you from? How did you hear about this badge?"
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4 years ago
That sounds like a good move. Add it as an optional criteria. 

However, the criteria for the badge is "locked", but I guess in principle, someone with sufficient access to the database could do it. 

It would be best to save for when we have separate response boxes for each criteria. Not sure when that might be but I think Erik noted on this sprint.
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* Erik: can you add the following criteria to the Hive Community badge?

"What Hive are you from? How did you hear about this badge?"
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Summary: Add Hive affiliation tracking to Community Member Badge application or Webmaker profile → Add "how did you hear about us?" to Hive Community badge

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4 years ago
Matt, can you share what is motivating this change right now? Lainie and I have been talking this through and we had a similar, but slightly different adjustment.

We would actually like it to read (exactly):
"Include any links to your work that you'd like us to review and note which Hive Network city you're affiliated with."
Hm, I can, though I feel like it would look a little weird on the current page, and I'm not sure that's the best way to do this.  I could do this as part of the multiple evidence field task, though, and just have an additional field on the hive-community-member page with this prompt.  While we could make it part of the criteria, it'll be a little strange if you view the badge from anywhere else, since this isn't actual criteria for earning the badge.

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4 years ago
Erik, that sounds great! However, I didn't know there were multiple evidence field tasks... is that on production? If not, what's the ETA?
Oh, that one is here:

It's not in production, no (indeed, I haven't actually started it!), but it will be done by next friday (7/25).  It will change the single "What qualifies you to earn this badge?" text field inot multiple text fields, one for each criterion (with prompts like "Describe what you have done to satisfy the Peer Observation requirement")

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4 years ago
Erik, we're starting a broad communications campaign this Thursday to advertise the badges and expect a strong, and likely our busiest response shortly after. Do you think you could complete this work by the end of this week?

If not, then I think the short-term solution Matt and I propose is the temporary fix until you complete the next step. Could we take that approach?
Ah, ok.  Yeah, I can push it up, shouldn't take too long.

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4 years ago
OK, that sounds AWSM but I want to make sure we aren't impacting other deliverables. Let me know if you run into a conflict that prevents you from completing this before Friday of this week. If so, let's go with plan B: add language to the criteria.
I think I'm not actually clear on what the temporary fix is. :)  If I add it as a criteria, it would appear below the "3. Process Documentation" criteria as "4. Include any links to your work that you'd like us to review and note which Hive Network city you're affiliated with."  Is that what you have in mind?  To me that would seem extremely odd, since all the other criteria headers are fairly simple gerunds (I think that's what a gerund is, at least!).  

The other task (one text field per criteria) is quick and easy as well to implement, but it might be worth iterating on the design/copy, which could delay it a bit.  Because of that, I can just do this as a separate task, adding an additional input field below the "What qualifies you...?" field that says "Include any links to your work that you'd like us to review and note which Hive Network city you're affiliated with."

That said, please let me know if you'd like a different approach.  Since we're kind of bouncing back and forth between fairly small tweaks, it may be worth hopping on a quick call tomorrow if this method doesn't float your boat.

* We could also just mark this one "wontfix", depending on how important this feature actually is.
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4 years ago
Hi Erik, Matt,

Let's focus on the city thing for simplicity here and I am going to rename this bug to indicate that. I'll move the "include links to your work" to the new bug Matt just updated:

First, Erik, you're spot on. I didn't properly vision that through to the end-state. I think we should probably talk. But let me address the next point...

Second, this bug specifically (include city) is going to be essential to our review process. With 6 cities coming on line this week and earning badges, we're going to have our hands full. We've designated Simona, the new Hive organizational ninja, our fist line of defense to monitor submissions. However, she's not going to know anyone from any of these cities at this point, and possibly into the near future. She's going to need to know who to ping to confirm the submission and focus her attention to reviewing submissions that are not easily vouched for by Hive staff (i.e. legit persons, with sufficient evidence, who we don't already know).

So here's what I think our options are:
1. MVP – add language to the badge description, criteria or elsewhere on the page which directs people to indicate their city. If it's an extra checkbox in each criteria, or a 4th one all together, then so be it.
2. FIX – add data entry fields to the criteria or elsewhere that capture evidence for each criteria and in addition, a field to capture city or origin. If this *still* requires a 4th criteria, then so be it.

I've CC'd Lainie and Simona because they are close to this issue too.
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Summary: Add "how did you hear about us?" to Hive Community badge → Add "Please note which Hive Network city you're affiliated with. " to Hive Community badge
Hey, just wanted to note that I'm sick and taking PTO today, but I'll still be watching this issue and checking email/irc periodically.  When you come up with the copy you'd like me to adjust (for option 1), either add it here or contact me otherwise and I will make the necessary changes.

I'm still down with doing option 2, of course, but it would have to wait until tomorrow.

Comment 16

4 years ago
Hi Erik!

For option 1, or option 2, the copy is simply "Indicate which Hive Network city you are affiliated with." The outstanding question is where do you want to put it? I think a 4th criteria might be the best route, in which case the heading could be "Affiliation with a Hive City"

If you can do option 2 by the end of this week, then that is the preferred option for sure!

Comment 17

4 years ago
oh, and feel better soon!
Alright, I went ahead and made that change to the criteria for now.  I'll still work on getting option 2 implemented (after which we can remove the 4th criteria), but this gets us out of panic mode for the time being at least.

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4 years ago
perfect. Option 2 is without a doubt the better option and also aligns with the "provide links" note in this bug:
Depends on: 1025104
Attachment #8458136 - Attachment is patch: true
Attachment #8458136 - Attachment is patch: false

Comment 22

4 years ago
Commit pushed to master at
Merge pull request #887 from christensenep/1025130

Bug 1025130 - Add field specifying Hive city for Hive Community badge

Comment 23

4 years ago
Does that mean it's done?
* It means it would have been included in the next push to production, so it should be done by now. 
* Robert: can you verify this is now appearing how you want it, and close this ticket?
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It does look to be live in production (though please verify it looks ok to you, Robert!)

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4 years ago
Yes, this is awesome. I think you could probably remove Criteria 4 now so it all looks a little nicer?

Erik, I'm going to close this, but I was wondering if you could note whether you were also going to implement a unique field for each criteria and any logic Re: number of fields required?
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oops!  Forgot about that extra criteria we added.  It has been deleted now.
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