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support blob data migration


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Currently, whenever we change the blob format we need to lock rules into an unchanging blob (ie, the dated version of the nightlies), delete the changing version (-latest), and wait for data to repopulate before switching back.

If we had the ability to "upgrade" blobs we could do upgrades like this without any delay to nightly updates.

This might get trickier when we add h264 support, because blobs won't be a linear stream. We'll need to have specific ways to do point to point upgrades (ie, V2 -> V3, h264V1 -> h264V2).
ianconnolly suggested that might be useful here, which would might let us do this and bug 1022649 in one go.
We've had jsonschemas for blobs for awhile now, this might be a little easier. We still need:
- Migration code for AppRelease blobs
- An API endpoint that tries to upgrade a blob
- UI integration
Whiteboard: [lang=js][lang=python][ready]
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How can I help with this?
This hasn't been a big issue in reality. Probably not worth fixing - any efforts are better spent on other features.
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