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switch fjord docs to use the mozilla sphinx theme


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There's a Mozilla Sphinx theme that we can use for the Fjord docs to make them look more Mozilla-y.

We should change the Fjord docs to use that theme.

The theme and instructions on using it are here:
Making this a mentored bug and also marking it as a good first bug.

The instructions for switching the theme seem pretty straight forward. There shouldn't be any coding involved here.

If you're interested in working on this, add a comment to the bug or ping me on IRC (I'm willkg).
Mentor: willkg
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I'd like to have a go :)
Where do I start?
The docs for Fjord are in the repository in the docs/ directory. So clone the repository and get the docs building.

After that, follow the instructions in the mozilla-sphinx-theme repository for setting up the theme.

Does that make sense?
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Awesome! Assigning this bug to you. I'll try to review this today.
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Oh, wait--this is a regular patch. Can you create a git commit patch? That'd be a lot easier to figure my way through.
I did use git commit & format-patch.
Bah--sorry about that. I don't know what the hell I did, but I did something weird when I downloaded it the first time around.

This looks great--I'll merge it now. Thank you!
Landed in master in

Marking this as FIXED since once it lands in master it's done.

Adding whiteboard data so it shows up in my tracker.

Thank you again! If there are other things you want to work on, let me know. We hang out on #input on if you want to drop in.
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Could you suggest another bug please :)
I love it. 

Anna - thanks for this. I'm going to needinfo Will to make sure he sees your question.
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Sent an email.
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I reviewed and applied this already. Forgot to update the attachment.
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