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implement gengo human translation plugin


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This bug covers building the plugin for Gengo human translation. The translation plugins are in fjord/translations/ and extend the TranslationSystem class.

It should implement the following:

1. translate: Creates a GengoJob entry for the thing being translated and tosses it in the queue

2. push_translations: Checks the account balance. If the balance is below the settings-configured amount then it sends an email to people in the settings-configured email list. If the balance is not below that threshold, then it guesses the source language for all new jobs, buckets them into source language groups and for each group generates a new Gengo order. Then it pushes these via the Gengo API and generates a GengoOrder instance for each one.

3. pull_translations: Checks for any completed jobs, pulls them down, updates the relevant instances with the new translations and updates the bookkeeping.

Additionally, we need some tests for all of the above.
Grabbing this to work on.

Making it depend on bug #1026131 which is the bookkeeping system this will use.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Depends on: 1026131
Landed in master: [bug 1027280] Finish pull_translations and tests [bug 1027280] Clean up API code [bug 1027280] Implement Gengo Human push_translations [bug 1027280] Add test for get_balance [bug 1027280] Add support for the Gengo sandbox [bug 1027280] Add human tests; overhaul Gengo tests [bug 1027280] Add GengoHumanTranslater.translate; cleanup
Pushed to prod a little bit ago.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Input → Input Graveyard
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