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Clean up static initializers for proxy handler instances


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We have all these singleton instances of C++ Proxy Handlers laying around, and calling static initializers for them is silly, and costly for b2g, as I understand it.

Some months ago, I told Nathan he was gonna ruin a patch of mine if he went forward with fixing this, and that I would take care of it. Now that we're doing bug 1027402, this should be pretty straight forward
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Finally do what I promised forever ago. I will push this stack to try as soon as it reopens and post here.

r? froydnj to ensure someone who knows all the ins and outs takes a look at this.
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Fix some failures seen on try after I was finally able to push. This patch, as well as those from the two open blockers on try at
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Patch v2

Should jswrapper really be using aFoo arg names?

The WaiveXrayWrapper ctor should be explicit, I'd hope.

Why did a bunch of the Xray helper classes move to the header?  Is it just so we can make XrayWrapper have a constexpr ctor?  That seems really annoying.  :(  Can we just leave it be?

r=me on the rest, but I'd like to understand what the deal is with the Xray changes.
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Patch v2

Review of attachment 8477812 [details] [diff] [review]:

Worth explicitly noting that this won't help B2G until we upgrade the (Gecko) compiler for B2G, since GCC < 4.6 doesn't support constexpr...but at least everybody else benefits in the interim!
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