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B2G logcat saved to emulator-5554.log is in the wrong format


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Broken out from bug 1016371 comment 12.

In B2G jobs, the logcat is dumped to emulator-5554.log - which is then cat'd to the end of the test logs:

...and looks like:
06-19 08:22:50.461    35    35 I qemu-props: connected to 'boot-properties' qemud service.
06-19 08:22:50.461    35    35 I qemu-props: receiving..
06-19 08:22:50.491    37    37 I DEBUG   : debuggerd: Jun 18 2014 22:50:15

...which doesn't match that used elsewhere, including that dumped to the similar logcat-emulator-5554.log by Android 2.3 emulator test runs:
06-19 02:25:19.187 I/DEBUG   (   34): debuggerd: Jan 23 2014 05:01:52
06-19 02:25:19.258 D/qemud   (   41): entering main loop
06-19 02:25:19.298 I/Netd    (   33): Netd 1.0 starting

This difference in format is making bug 1016371 and bug 1016251 harder than they need be, since we're trying to filter out multiple logcat formats (whilst still trying to avoid false positives).
Jonathan, I'm trying to work out where the logcat call is located, that populates the emulator-5554.log file on B2G test runs, since the output there is in the wrong format compared to Android. I don't suppose you know? (My searches for 'emulator-5554' and '5554' which lead to 'device_id' and 'emulator_port' didn't get me anywhere) Thanks! :-)
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It's currently here:

Bug ahal's patch in bug 997244 will be moving that.
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Thank you :-)
502         cmd = [self.adb, '-s', 'emulator-%d' % self.port, 'logcat', '-v', 'threadtime']

We'll need to switch threadtime to time, but I'll wait until bug 997244 has landed.
Depends on: 997244
Assignee: nobody → emorley
This switches the logcat call in mozrunner to use 'time' format, to be consistent with what we do elsewhere in automation.
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