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As a user, when I click on a share button I want the available web activities to be sorted based on frecency of use so that I don't need to search for my commonly used selections in the list.

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Clicking a share button displays the available web activities sorted by frecency, per UX recommendation

Assumption: frecency algorithm is similar to frencency algorithm used for Awesomebar.
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5 years ago
UX, this requirement is meant to increase the visibility of commonly used apps when a share button is pressed.  I need input on whether the approach described here makes sense.  To the user the list will appear unordered (not alphabetical) but it will ensure the most used apps are always at the top.
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I'm not sure if this really makes sense. If we change the order dynamically then users will never be able to learn a predictable placement of controls. Each time the share menu would be displayed the user would have to scan the menu each time to figure out the placement of controls. I could only really see this as being as a benefit if we reach a situation where we have very many apps in the share menu - in this case, I could see some benefit in floating most used apps to the top to prevent the user from scrolling the list. 

Passing this over to Wilfred for consideration for future releases, but IMO, this sounds detrimental to usability.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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