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(Reporter: Stephany Wilkes, Assigned: dkl)


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4 years ago
This is a request for a new Project Flag, "ux-b2g", with the same release versions, ? and + like the other Project Flag fields. This is for Firefox OS.

The 2.0 release has pointed out just how badly the Firefox OS UX team needs a structured flag or component to mean "This UX should be included with this release" vs. optional or polish UX that is nice to have but not required. We have some very UX-heavy releases with vertical homescreen, edge gestures, Haida, visual refresh 2.0 and so on that mean certain UX elements are required for launch.

Working with Jason and Bhavana, we have not been able to find an existing flag or component for this. 

Due to the myriad languages spoken at varying degrees of fluency across the UX team, partners and contributors, we definitely need structured data for this. Something manually entered like a whiteboard or keyword invariably results in human error or an array of selections, some more correct than others.
hi stephany,

sorry but the i'm not sure if you're asking for the ux-b2g flag to be created now, or if you are opening discussion for this flag.

if you need the flag created, can you please provide a list of all products this flag should be visible (or is it only relevant to the "Firefox OS" product?).

there's two other b2g project flags: blocking_b2g and feature_b2g; these flags have a different set of 'release values'.  which set of values are applicable to the ux-b2g flag, and who should have the ability to set these flags (everyone/kilimanjaro-drivers/b2g-drivers)?
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Comment 2

4 years ago
Hi Byron,

It's only relevant to the Firefox OS product.

The same set of values would be applicable to the ux-b2g flag. Everyone on the Firefox OS UX team should have the ability to set this flag, as well as a few select PMs and EPMs. The full list is:
Amy Lee
Carrie Wang
Carol Huang
Casey Yee
Eric Pang
Francis Djabri
Fang Shih
Gordon Brander 
Harly Hsu
Hung Nguyen
Patryk Adamcyzk
Przemek Abratowski
Sabrina Smelko
Jaime Chen 
Jenny Lee
Juwei Huang
Jacqueline Savory 
Maria Sandberg
Mike Tsai 
Omega Feng
Peko Chen
Peter La 
Rob MacDonald 
Stephany Wilkes 
Tiffanie Shakespeare 
Valentin Tsatskin
Pavel Ivanov 
Helen Huang
Hunter Luo 

Thank you for your help!
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(In reply to Stephany Wilkes from comment #2)
> The same set of values would be applicable to the ux-b2g flag.

should the values match blocking_b2g or feature_b2g?
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Comment 4

4 years ago
Oh, sorry. feature-b2g, please. Thanks!
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Comment 5

4 years ago
I have created the new ux-b2g flag with similar values to feature-b2g and enabled for Firefox OS.

I also created a dedicated group for the flag called 'b2g-ux-drivers' which I have made you an admin for the group. You will be able to add the users from comment 2 to the new group using the following:

Let us know if it is not correct.

Assignee: nobody → dkl
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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