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[mozcrash] Make mozcrash.check_for_crashes() test_name mandatory


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At the moment it's optional as to whether we pass in the test name to mozcrash.check_for_crashes(), so that it can use it in the PROCESS CRASH failure message:

If not passed in, we just use the filename of the calling script, which normally isn't very helpful, since the calling script has much more context to make decisions like calling the test name "B2G Startup", "Shutdown" etc, even if there isn't a valid test running at the moment.

As such, I think we should remove this footgun, to prevent having to play whac-a-mole with bugs like bug 1027607.

Ideally we'd also call it something other than test-name, eg: step_name / description etc, but that will mean changing a lot of callers in lots of different repos, so let's save that for another day.
This still seems relevant/useful fwiw.
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