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OS.File APIs for setting file access permissions


(Toolkit :: OS.File, defect)

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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1001849 +++
bug 1001849 comment 20
> Also, we will need to either add a `OS.Error.prototype.becauseSomething` in
> osfile_{unix, win}_allthreads.jsm to handle EPERM or add EPERM to
> `becauseAccessDenied`.

EPERM is subtly different from EACCES: the normal semantics of EACCES are "DAC says you don't have that kind of access to that file", the normal semantics of EPERM are "that *operation* can be performed only by the owner of the file".  I'm not sure what `becauseAccessDenied` is supposed to cover.

As this is not required for bug 961080 I am spinning it off to its own bug.
oops, the whole point of this bug was it *doesn't* block all of that stuff
No longer blocks: 756315, 961080, 1009465, 1022816, 1022820
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