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[marketing][screenshot][el]: screenshot update for 1.3 campaign



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3 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: CocoMo, Assigned: Tannie Low)


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Hi Team,

This is an update from the 1.1 screenshot you two completed last year.  The update utilized most of the screenshots (at least with same strings).  Thanks to flod, we are putting the strings in the system, so we can retain all the work for future updates.  

Reference material:
1). Screenshots 1.1 (el): https://mozilla.box.com/s/60aux05y0fa7g2d4fvv4 
2). Screenshots 1.3 (en): https://mozilla.box.com/s/g5b7mjx198ay2q2kcka6
3). String source 1.3 (en): https://svn.mozilla.org/projects/l10n-misc/trunk/firefoxos-marketing/en-US/screenshots.lang
4). Dashboard: http://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~pascalc/langchecker/?locale=all&website=9&file=screenshots.lang

One of the tricky parts in strings we need is the contact list: fake names of equal number of males and females; last names in consecutive order (such as f, g, h), and half of them have some kind of profession/company names associated with them.  

This is a new process for the graphic agency.  During review and implementation phase, your "revision" needs to be specific, so the graphic person knows which strings to look for (no color code like we did in spreadsheet).  When all are finalized, make sure the "corrected" strings are in SVN so it is the source of truth, not the bug.  

Thank you,
Hi Kostas, please assign a team member to the task.  Lot of people may be on vacation during the summer.  We try to get this done the sooner the better.  Thanks!
Blocks: 1027408
I can take this. Although I've never used box.com and can't see the screenshots. Do I just need to make a box.com account or I need some special access for Mozilla's directory?
hi Iosif, 

Thanks so much for taking up the task.  I have granted you view access to both 1.1 version in Greek and 1.3 in English for reference.  You do need to create an account to access Box.  Let me know if you have trouble viewing the files.
I've got a couple of questions. How am I supposed to format the made up names that have professions associated with them, and how will the designer know which name refers to a male and which to female. Additionally, do I have to provide a local artist name? We used the english one in the 1.1 screenshots.
1). names: there is no need to indicate which one is male or female as long as we have a balance of the suggested "fake" names.  if you'd like, you can put (m) or (f) after each name to provide a clue.  
2). local artist - this needs to be fake to go with a fake song title and album.
I submitted the localized file through SVN. I used the (f)/(m) method as indicated above for the name.
Hi Iosif,

Thank you very much.  We added a few more strings.  Please update the file when you get a chance.  Thanks.
CocoMo, I am having issues viewing the mockup of the feed in google drive. It says I can't access the file, and I need to see it in order to clarify something.
Hi Iosif, let me know if you have access now.
Still can't see it but it's okay I translated it based on the context of the rest of the strings. I've now submitted the marketplace_l10n_feed.lang
thank you.  I checked your access again, your name is on the list.  BTW, do you have an account in Box?  Do you see English but not Greek or neither?  Marketing puts all their images in Box so if there is a problem, I'd like to fix it now, because you will review the 1.3 Greek screenshots in Box. 

Thanks again for your hard work.  We will get back to you at review phase.
I do have Box access. And I can see the English and Greek folders.
Tannie, please start working on Greek.
Assignee: pkst → tlow87

Comment 14

3 years ago
You got it!

Iosif, I'll provide a Box link for your review once they're finished.

Comment 15

3 years ago
Missing strings
14-Email: '50 minutes ago', 'an hour ago'

Will have link for review shortly - exporting then uploading.

Comment 16

3 years ago
EL screens for review: https://mozilla.box.com/s/hb0rnweaic698251ouoy
Translation for the two missing strings (can't find those in the files).

50 minutes ago : 50 λεπτά πριν
an hour ago    : μια ώρα πριν

By the way Box says I don't have access to that :-/

Comment 18

3 years ago
Whoops! Shared Box folder with your email, and updated screen 14. Thanks!
They are mostly good, although I noticed some mistakes. 

04 - Marketplace: I believe the buttons should also be translated to say "Δωρεάν" instead of "Free"?
19 - Lockscreen: It should say "Πάροχος" above the time instead of "Πάροχ".
20 - Lockscreen: It should say "Πάροχος" above the time instead of "Πάροχ".

Lastly, something (quite important in my opinion) that I noticed is that k looks like an English k instead of a Greek κ. I am not sure if it's the font, but it seems quite out of place. This affects every screenshot that has a lowercase k in it.

Thanks for the effort put on those. I'll be waiting for your input.

Comment 20

3 years ago
Screens 4, 19, 20 updated: https://mozilla.box.com/s/hb0rnweaic698251ouoy

The 'κ' issue seems to be the Fira Sans (Mozilla) font. It's not falling back to the English lowercase k, as they look different. 

The phone may be doing this as well, since I believe I'm using the same font.

I'll wait for Peiying to advise, but I could run through each screen and mimic the 'κ' using small caps.
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Comment 21

3 years ago
Any updates or issues? Or shall I proceed with exporting hi-res finals?
This is not an issue on the phone. What was the workaround for the 1.3 screenshots? κ seems fine there.
Hi Tannie,

I remember we had the same issue in 1.1 and it was fixed somehow.  Here is what was done then: https://mozilla.app.box.com/files/0/f/1252198220/Greek

Comment 24

3 years ago
I'll go through and adjust each one individually. It seems like its the Fira Sans font. Other font faces render the K with the small-caps look, just not Fira Sans.
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Comment 25

3 years ago
Hi-res JPGs and PNGs uploaded to https://mozilla.box.com/s/hb0rnweaic698251ouoy
Hello Tannie, thanks again for taking the time to update those. I noticed two k's that were not updated. One of them is in FxOS_03-Videos_EL (in the third title) and the other one is in FxOS_13-Contacts_EL (the first contact name and job needs to be updated). 

Something else came into my mind. Phone numbers starting with 697 are issued by a certain carrier and since these are marketing screenshots It'd be better to have something that is not tied to a carrier, so if you could update the number in FxOS_16-Call_Outgoing_EL and FxOS_15-Dialer_EL to 6917654123 that would be great.

Once those are fixed we are good to go.

Comment 27

3 years ago
All screens updated! https://mozilla.box.com/s/hb0rnweaic698251ouoy

I think we're done here?
Yep seems great :)
Thanks everyone!  Closing the bug officially.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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