Problemas com Java 64 Bits (JDK ou JRE)



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Steps to reproduce:

Did you install Java JDK and could not enter the sitehttp :/ / or the second being the site of the SUN to own java test, I noticed that it does not enable the Java plugin in Firefox, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit) and Java (64-bit) there is something wrong with this procedure?
Remembered that firefox is 32 bit it can not work with 64 Bit?

Thank await response.

Marcelo Duarte
Campo Grande - Brazil

Actual results:

Plugin java não aparece após instalação do mesmo ( JDK 64 Bits )


5 years ago
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The Java Plugin is not enabled by default. Firefox should ask you whether you want to allow Java on a particular page if it needs it, see here:

If not, check the status of the Java plugin in the Add-on Manager.
Component: Extension Compatibility → Java (Oracle)
Keywords: addon-compat
Product: Firefox → Plugins
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5 years ago
The normal build for windows, downloaded the executable and made the 29.1 to 30.0 update automatically, the only thing I noticed was that the plugin only works if java is installed for windows 32-bit, if it's for windows 64 bit does not work, even in the plugin which show that there vulnerabilities in Java if I want to enable, when the pattern is marked that it is asking if I want to activate in the same where you have Java.
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Comment 3

5 years ago
Good night, should be a problem with 64-bit applications, because I have installed VLC (64) and the same does not appear the plugin installed Water Fox (fork of Firefox), and there appears the plugin VLC, had not paid attention this detail, because Java (64) also appeared in it.
That is correct. It's not a Java nor a Firefox problem though, it's just the architecture design. 32bit processes (like Firefox) cannot load 64bit plugins. And as Java does not ship the 32bit plugin with the 64bit installer, you have to install the 32bit version if you want to use the plugin in Firefox.
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