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Segmentation fault on gaia try server with pull request from bug 1017490


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I got Segmentation fault when pushing pull request to gaia try server.

log for G (gaia unit test):
> 20:28:27     INFO -  /builds/slave/test/gaia/xulrunner-sdk/bin/ /builds/slave/test/gaia/xulrunner-sdk/bin/xpcshell build/make_gaia_shared.js
> 20:28:30     INFO -  make[1]: Leaving directory `/builds/slave/test/gaia/apps/email'
> 20:28:30     INFO -  copy verticalhome to build_stage/
> 20:28:30     INFO -  execute verticalhome/build/build.js
> 20:28:30     INFO -  run-js-command verticalhome/app/build
> 20:28:31     INFO -  copy system to build_stage/
> 20:28:31     INFO -  execute system/build/build.js
> 20:28:31     INFO -  run-js-command system/app/build
> 20:28:31     INFO -  copy gallery to build_stage/
> 20:28:31     INFO -  execute gallery/build/build.js
> 20:28:31     INFO -  run-js-command gallery/app/build
> 20:28:32     INFO -  copy clock to build_stage/
> 20:28:32     INFO -  execute clock/build/build.js
> 20:28:32     INFO -  run-js-command clock/app/build
> 20:28:32     INFO -  /bin/bash: line 1:  2686 Segmentation fault      /builds/slave/test/gaia/xulrunner-sdk/bin/ /builds/slave/test/gaia/xulrunner-sdk/bin/xpcshell -f "/builds/slave/test/gaia/build/xpcshell-commonjs.js" -e "run('app/build');"
> 20:28:32     INFO -  make: *** [clock] Error 139
> 20:28:32    ERROR - Return code: 2
> 20:28:32    ERROR - 2 not in success codes: [0]
> 20:28:32    FATAL - Halting on failure while running ['make']
> 20:28:32    FATAL - Running post_fatal callback...
> 20:28:32    FATAL - Exiting 2

after investigating I believe this is a mozharness issue, I extracted a snippet[1] from mozharness/base/[2] with same arguments 

you can download that gist, change "cwd" to your gaia path and execute it then you will get Segmentation fault on linux64 box.

It's hard to say where the actual bug is; I don't think it's a mozharness bug, although it's possible we may be able to work around it in mozharness.  It's likely a 'make' bug, but it could also be an xpcshell bug or a Python bug.

The symptoms:  On linux64 at least, using subprocess.Popen to invoke a make call which in turn invokes xpcshell to run some JS causes a segfault.  This doesn't occur on OSX.  Switching subprocess.Popen to avoids the segfault, but if we switched that in mozharness, we'd lose timeout handling.

Cc'ing a few people in case they have any ideas about what's going on here.
I can reproduce the segfault on Fedora 20.  The segfault is definately happening outside of python, but it's being triggered by how invokes the command when there's an env param to Popen().

The relevant section of

  if env is None:
    os.execvp(executable, args)
    os.execvpe(executable, args, env)

If you modify that script to omit completely the env= param but set those environment variables on the command line, the script works (e.g. DESKTOP=0 DESKTOP_SHIMS=1 DEBUG=1 NOFTU=1 python  The difference in code path here is that without env=, we're using execvp instead of execvpe.  If we switch both cases to use execvpe, we still segfault.

  if env is None:
    os.execvpe(executable, args, {})
    os.execvpe(executable, args, env)

You'll still get the segfaults regardless of whether or not you specify an env kwarg.

Switching to .call is *not* fixing this.  I just verified that there is still a coredump happening.  Using .call just doesn't print the segfault notice because that segfault is in a subprocess, not python itself.  On Fedora, you need to run 'ulimit -c unlimited' to get core dumps created in the cwd.

I've also verified that the process that's getting a coredump is Xulrunner:

jhford-w520:~/b2g/gaia $ file core.18553 
core.18553: ELF 64-bit LSB core file x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), SVR4-style, from '/home/jhford/b2g/gaia/xulrunner-sdk-30/xulrunner-sdk/bin/xpcshell -f /home/jhfo'
Reduced test case:
import os

#os.execvp('/usr/bin/make', ['make', 'preferences']);
os.execvpe('/usr/bin/make', ['make', 'preferences'], {});
#os.execlp('/usr/bin/make', 'make', 'preferences');
#os.execlpe('/usr/bin/make', 'make', 'preferences', {});

execvp and execl both avoid segfaulting, both execvpe and execlpe segfault.
I'll change the way we invoke the tests to pass the env on the command-line and see if this goes away.
Assignee: nobody → jgriffin
I think this should have the desired effect.
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Pass env variables on the command-line,

Looks good to me!  Can we add:'Sending environment as make vars because of bug 1028816')

Because I'm sure that eventually, someone will wonder why on earth the environment they are setting is not being set as the actual environment.

Other than that, the only issue I see is that the copy and paste argv output from mozharness could be broken by an environment var with a space.
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Pass env variables on the command-line,

Addressed review comments:
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:jgriffin, I saw the commit has been checked in in mozharness repository[1] but we still get segfault on try server, do we use the same version as the repository on try server?

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So there are two issues at play here:

1) we use the production branch of mozharness on Gaia-Try most of the time
2) we are using hg.m.o/users/ on the default branch because there is no staging environment and I need to test a mozharness+gaia-try change

Can you link to a log of the new failure?  I'm curious if something lower level than the patch jgriffin worked on is doing something like  "def func(env={})" or "if not env: env = {}" or some sort of similar magic.
(In reply to Yuren [:yurenju] from comment #8)
> :jgriffin, I saw the commit has been checked in in mozharness repository[1]
> but we still get segfault on try server, do we use the same version as the
> repository on try server?
> [1]

The patch has been merged to, so should be used for Gaia-Try runs.  If it's not working, there may be some other problem involved.  As jhford said, can you provide a link to a failing log?
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:jgriffin and :jhford, thanks for you help and the pull request looks good now! :D
close this bug, thanks all!
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