Keep documentation on marionette test API's in readthedocs



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Currently we document the marionette client python api here:

It would be nice to keep the documentation on the API for writing marionette tests in readthedocs, essentially replacing the following:

This probably involves splitting up the marionette documentation into two sections: Client API and Test API. Then move the current documentation into the client section and add a new test api section, which scans the python API stuff and describes how to use it. We might want to use the same pattern we did with mozbase where we have an index file that links to others (

This is a somewhat open ended task and I deliberately haven't filled in all the details because I'm not entirely sure what they are. :) Feel free to ask me, mdas, jgriffin, or automatedtester on irc #ateam if you have questions.

When this lands, we should also update this page (and some of its subpages) to point to the new information.
this is all done in my opinion, we have updated MDN to point at RTDs
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