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Desktop Client needs in-call remote party identification display


(Hello (Loop) :: Client, enhancement, P2)



(firefox33 unaffected, firefox34+ fixed, firefox35 verified)

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firefox33 --- unaffected
firefox34 + fixed
firefox35 --- verified


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User Story

This should be done after bug 1020449 which will get the required information into the conversation window.

During a call, display the user-specified identifier in the title bar. If there is no identifier, then display the link.


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Darrin, can you check the user story here? I'm wondering if rather than displaying the full link we should just display the token part (or something else entirely).
User Story: (updated)
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I think in the abssence of a username or link label, we should show the whole link. Removing the domain and just showing the token would be confusing, esp. without custom URLs (i.e. imagine seeing only 8zz2u89fh9 in your status bar?)

Does that help?
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Yes, thanks.
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Target Milestone: mozilla33 → mozilla34
Target Milestone: mozilla34 → mozilla35
Blocks: 1066014
No longer blocks: 1015070
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Whiteboard: [loop-inccall1]
Based on work for Fx35 already - this is definitely below the bar.  with 1:1 calling - in call party identification is lower priority (calling party identification on incoming call notification is in Fx34).
Priority: P1 → P2
Target Milestone: mozilla35 → mozilla36
Simple patch to change the title bar when in-call. This uses the work in bug 1020449. I've improved the tests a bit, and extended the test on the model to include checking for an empty string if we really can't work it out.

For direct calls the information won't show up until bug 1079950 gets deployed on the server.
Attachment #8503080 - Flags: review?(nperriault)
Pulling back into 35 - easy half hour fix.
Assignee: nobody → standard8
Target Milestone: mozilla36 → mozilla35
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When in a Loop call, the title bar should display the remote party's information.

Review of attachment 8503080 [details] [diff] [review]:

LGTM, r=me.

::: browser/components/loop/content/js/conversation.js
@@ +234,5 @@
>              )
>            );
>          }
>          case "connected": {
> +          document.title = this.props.conversation.getCallIdentifier();

Makes me think generic document title handling could be handled in mixin, a bit along the lines of what's been suggested in - which would be a bit more easily/cleanly testable.

I've just filed bug 1081079 about this.
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When in a Loop call, the title bar should display the remote party's information.

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: Part of the caller Id work (extension of bug 1020449)
[User impact if declined]: Whilst in a call, the callee would have "Conversation Request" rather than the id of the caller.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TBPL]: Landed on central, has unit tests
[Risks and why]: Small patch that only changes the document title.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None
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QA: This is for direct calls only, and will only work 100% when bug 1079950 is deployed to production.

In the meantime this can be tested against the development server, See bug 1020449 comment 32 for how to set up and test this.
Hi Pauly, Can you test this together with bug 1020449?  You should be able to test this with Nightly or Aurora.  Special instructions are in bug 1020449 since we need to use the loop dev server until bug 1079950 is deployed to production (hopefully later this week).
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Email/URL for registered users/guests displayed in the title bar.
Verified fixed FF 35.0a2 (2014-10-15) Win 7, OS X 10.9.5
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Comment on attachment 8503080 [details] [diff] [review]
When in a Loop call, the title bar should display the remote party's information.

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I'm deprioritizing this for further QE testing as this has already been verified in Aurora. We've got more important bugs that need testing right now but may loop back around to this if time allows.
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Iteration: --- → 35.3
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Clearing in-testsuite requests for features that are being removed from Hello as part of te user journey work in bug 1209713.
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