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Layers dump is truncated


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Layers dumps going out to printf_stderr on B2G are getting truncated. I suspect this is because now the entire layers dump is built into a single string and output using a single printf_stderr call, and android truncates that call even though it has newlines and whatnot.
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Updated, because the old one got into an infinite loop when an individual line was > 1024 characters. I'm not yet convinced this one doesn't have infinite loops either, because I'm not that familiar with the C++ stream APIs. Just gonna leave this updated workaround here for now.
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Updated so that it doesn't have any infinite loops. I tested this function in isolation using a variety of input on my local (OS X/clang) machine and am reasonably satisfied.
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Break layer dump into multiple printf_stderr calls

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LGTM but I wonder if we should be doing this inside printf_stderr when we're going to be priting to android_log so that all users of the API can benefit.
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Problem with that is that I'd have to convert the char* back to a stringstream, or do the equivalent operations on a char*. Or I could add a new version of printf_stderr that takes a stringstream.

Honestly it doesn't make sense to put that as a general thing in printf_stderr because it's specific to using a stringstream to build the string. So if there are other places we are using stringstreams (layout debug code, maybe?) then I could add a printf_stderr that takes a stringstream and does this. Otherwise I think landing the patch as-is is fine. Thoughts?
Patch is fine as-is. I already have it applied locally where it works great. Let's land this ASAP.
The display list code has the same problem in nsLayoutUtils.cpp.
We should land this as well.
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