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Link Toolbar Improvements Tracking (site navigation bar)


(Core Graveyard :: Tracking, defect)

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(Reporter: choess, Assigned: chofmann)


(Depends on 6 open bugs)


(Keywords: html4, meta, Whiteboard: [HTML4-12.3])

I'm filing a meta-bug to track the various bugs filed on the link toolbar.  The
cc list of interested parties is based on the autoshow bug...
This should cover all the dependencies, add 'em if ya got 'em...
QA Contact: zach → claudius
No longer depends on: 102897
Depends on: 102897
Any reason why the default qa contact for UID can't be qa for UID bugs?
As this is a meta bug, moving to Tracking.
Component: User Interface Design → Tracking
Depends on: 103097
Adding dependency:

Bug 103062 - "Alternate Stylesheets should appear on link toolbar"
Depends on: 103062
Depends on: 103183
adding bug 103204: link toolbar does not work with frames
Depends on: 103204
Depends on: 103223
No longer depends on: 103223
Please include dependency to good old bug #2800 to make this tracking bug an
easy access point to all bugzilla discussions about link UI implementations!
OK, made this bug depend on bug 2800 and bug 87428 (the two bugs for the 
original implementation).
Depends on: 2800, LinkUI
Depends on: 103223
Depends on: 103264
Depends on: 103273
Depends on: 6782
Depends on: 103034
Depends on: 103417
Depends on: 103429
Depends on: 103428
Depends on: 103436
Depends on: 103456
Depends on: 103459
Depends on: 103469
Depends on: 103470
No longer depends on: 6782
Depends on: 103474
removing myself from cc -- please don't cc me on meta bugs, thanks! :-)
Depends on: 103571
Depends on: 103588
Depends on: 103604
No longer depends on: 103474, 103571, 103588, 103604
Removing self from CC, if you think I should know about it, CC me on the 
bug in question.
Depends on: 103704
Depends on: 103721
No longer depends on: 103704
No longer depends on: 103721
ok. this time they're going back in!
OK, sorry for the spam, but I'm trying to put the deps back to the right value
and bugzilla/nav4 aren't playing nice. Trying in Mozilla.
Depends on: 103474, 103571, 103588, 103604, 103721
Depends on: 103906
Depends on: 104074
These are the six bugs that I consider to be the most important in immediate
Links toolbar development, and I strongly encourage the Links toolbar community
to tackle them as Job 1, in the given order.

102992 - Link Toolbar should be converted to XBL
102990 - Site navigation toolbar should be inside content frame
102905 - Site navigation toolbar doesn't update when tabs are switched
102987 - Use more secure way of getting current document URL in links toolbar
102909 - No keyboard access to link toolbar
102912 - E-mail links in link toolbar are not marked
Depends on: 104586
Depends on: 104618
Depends on: 105109
No longer depends on: 104618
Depends on: 104618
Depends on: 107691
Depends on: 109307
Depends on: 109467
I think this bug should become a component.  Tracking a huge number of bugs 
using dependencies only makes searching difficult, and especially when the 
feature used to have a different name.  cf -turbo, quick launch, and bug 75599.
Summary: Link Toolbar Improvements Tracking → Link Toolbar Improvements Tracking (site navigation bar)
Depends on: 110014
Depends on: 109180
I agree Jesse, 

Anything with more than say 20+ bugs for stuff like this maybe componentizing
them would be helpful for mozilla and querying in the long run.
Filed bug 111517, Add "site navigation bar" component.
Depends on: 119000
Depends on: 119087, 119088
Depends on: 119478
Depends on: 119858
Depends on: 113100
Depends on: 121816
Depends on: 123188
Depends on: 110020
Depends on: 123379
Depends on: 127588
Depends on: 127777
Depends on: 128800
Depends on: 131184
Cleaning out duplicates.
Bug 15332 is added to replace bug 104324.
Depends on: 15322
No longer depends on: 102886, 102991, 103183, 103273, 103588, 103721, 104074, 104324, 107691, 128800, 131184
Make that bug 15322, not bug 15332.
Depends on: 102991
No longer depends on: 102911
Depends on: 135619
Depends on: 138496
bug 138496 is filed to back out the linktoolbar from the 1.0 branch. I hate
doing it but it seemed to be the consensus in discussion with drivers. If you
don't want it to happen, discuss it in the bug - or better yet, fix bug 102992.
Depends on: 140083
Depends on: 152845
Tracking bug -> nobody.

Assignee: gerv → nobody
Depends on: 155918
Whiteboard: [HTML4-12.3]
*** Bug 157896 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Depends on: 158227
Depends on: 173674
Here's a usability issue, albeit not a bug:

Things like "Author", "Search" and "Copyright" is placed under the dropdown "More", together with "Bookmarks" and "Other versions". I don't think they should be grouped like that, because if "Search" is used on *one* page on a site, it is likely to be used on *every* page on that site. Thus, the "More" button remains clickable all the time. But "Bookmarks" or "Other versions" may only be present on individual pages. But since the the "More" button is clickable all the time, the user won't get any hints when there is extra info available.

(Originally posted at <>)
Depends on: 112560
Depends on: 205278
Depends on: 207463
Depends on: 201979
Depends on: 128372
Depends on: 104360
Assignee: nobody → chofmann
QA Contact: claudius → chofmann
Depends on: 202958
Depends on: 320693
Marking all tracking bugs which haven't been updated since 2014 as INCOMPLETE.
If this bug is still relevant, please reopen it and move it into a bugzilla component related to the work
being tracked. The Core: Tracking component will no longer be used.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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