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4 years ago
[] As a feature request, I would love to see a feature landed dashboard - one we
could generate release notes from - and perhaps a burn-down against planned
features.  This could be comprehensive and per functional area.  One
complexity that we may need to figure out is; how to report on features that
land but are pref'd off for some reason?

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4 years ago
This is very different from the existing dashboards.   It may also require information outside what's in Bugzilla; specifically the date range we look for feature bugs closing for each release.  This may be grey as some bugs may not be shown closed in Bugzilla, even though they made it into a release.

This is a good bug for anyone new to Mozilla to look into:  It requires minimal knowledge of Mozilla's technical systems, and the business knowledge will be just as difficult for me to acquire as anyone else.

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4 years ago
As per message from below, it would seem this distinctly different dashboard is in development elsewhere:

On 29/04/2014 11:22 AM, Clint Talbert wrote:
> We are working on metrics like what you're suggesting for QA. It's not as waterfall as what you allude to here but the basic set of things we will track are:
> 1. Number of test cases run, passing, failing, invalid, and percentage failure for each test pass on a release (we usually do at least 3 full test runs and several localization runs)
> 2. The stability of the daily smoketests
> 3. And the number of bugs being found by hour during exploratory testing efforts.
> These will comprise the FC criteria and will be tracked as we get close to FC. The dashboards for this are being worked on now.
> Clint
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