data connection goes doesn't come back up after being out of cell service (subway tunnel, elevator)



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4 years ago
I've been running master builds (built myself) as my primary cell phone.  (I recently switched from a hamachi to a flame, but I've been seeing this problem n both -- i.e., before and after the switch.)

For the past month or so, I've sometimes noticed that the data connection was not established, and then realized that going into the settings app, turning "Data connection" off, and then turning it back on again, would fix it.  (Toggling airplane mode also worked as a workaround, but this was faster.)

Over time I've realized that what causes this to happen is being someplace where I have no cell reception, such as in a subway tunnel.  After I come out of the tunnel, the cell connection is reestablished, but the data connection is not.  (The phone shows no "H" icon for HSDPA, and things that want connectivity don't work.)

The hamachi on which I saw this was using QCRIL, with a base image that was current on April 9, with master gecko and gaia on top.  The flame is using a v122 base image with master gecko and gaia.

The oldest revision on which I'm sure I saw the problem was gecko 90a7015a01a3 and gaia f46737df7c8b98df9e3d85646955ef7f90c04cec (May 28).  The most recent revision on which I've seen the problem was gecko 6b08a158fedb and gaia 64eab1784877cf939f6af40242e75ba204f65c20 (June 23).

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4 years ago
This might be the same as bug 1030810 (which suggest the trigger is leaving wifi rather than leaving cell service).
Hi David, just wondering if you are still seeing this after the fix in bug 1030810? Thanks.

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4 years ago
I haven't seen this for a few weeks, so I think what I was seeing probably is fixed.
I saw something like this yesterday on a build from Monday.  But it didn't involve a tunnel or anything.  I just went to sleep and when I woke up the device had cell service but no data.

Is there logging I can grab that would help?
Thanks David for the update.

Kyle, I think it might be another issue, should we use a different bug to track it?
You'll need to enable ril log first [1] and capture logcat logs when it occurs again. Thanks!

I haven't seen this again.  I'll reopen this if I can catch it.
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This happened again overnight.  I'll try to get a RIL log next time.
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I haven't seen this in a month now.
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