get editorial brand icons + add icons to transonic previews and fireplace feed



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Here are the brands (sorry for the lazy copy/paste):        

        'apps-for-albania': [gettext('App for Albania'), gettext('Apps for Albania')],
        'apps-for-argentina': [gettext('App for Argentina'), gettext('Apps for Argentina')],
        'apps-for-bangladesh': [gettext('App for Bangladesh'), gettext('Apps for Bangladesh')],
        'apps-for-brazil': [gettext('App for Brazil'), gettext('Apps for Brazil')],
        'apps-for-bulgaria': [gettext('App for Bulgaria'), gettext('Apps for Bulgaria')],
        'apps-for-chile': [gettext('App for Chile'), gettext('Apps for Chile')],
        'apps-for-china': [gettext('App for China'), gettext('Apps for China')],
        'apps-for-colombia': [gettext('App for Colombia'), gettext('Apps for Colombia')],
        'apps-for-croatia': [gettext('App for Croatia'), gettext('Apps for Croatia')],
        'apps-for-czechoslovakia': [gettext('App for Czechoslovakia'), gettext('Apps for Czechoslovakia')],
        'apps-for-ecuador': [gettext('App for Ecuador'), gettext('Apps for Ecuador')],
        'apps-for-education': [gettext('App for Education'), gettext('Apps for Education')],
        'apps-for-el-salvador': [gettext('App for El Salvador'), gettext('Apps for El Salvador')],
        'apps-for-germany': [gettext('App for Germany'), gettext('Apps for Germany')],
        'apps-for-greece': [gettext('App for Greece'), gettext('Apps for Greece')],
        'apps-for-guatemala': [gettext('App for Guatemala'), gettext('Apps for Guatemala')],
        'apps-for-hungary': [gettext('App for Hungary'), gettext('Apps for Hungary')],
        'apps-for-india': [gettext('App for India'), gettext('Apps for India')],
        'apps-for-italy': [gettext('App for Italy'), gettext('Apps for Italy')],
        'apps-for-macedonia': [gettext('App for Macedonia'), gettext('Apps for Macedonia')],
        'apps-for-mexico': [gettext('App for Mexico'), gettext('Apps for Mexico')],
        'apps-for-montenegro': [gettext('App for Montenegro'), gettext('Apps for Montenegro')],
        'apps-for-nicaragua': [gettext('App for Nicaragua'), gettext('Apps for Nicaragua')],
        'apps-for-panama': [gettext('App for Panama'), gettext('Apps for Panama')],
        'apps-for-peru': [gettext('App for Peru'), gettext('Apps for Peru')],
        'apps-for-poland': [gettext('App for Poland'), gettext('Apps for Poland')],
        'apps-for-russia': [gettext('App for Russia'), gettext('Apps for Russia')],
        'apps-for-serbia': [gettext('App for Serbia'), gettext('Apps for Serbia')],
        'apps-for-south-africa': [gettext('App for South Africa'), gettext('Apps for South Africa')],
        'apps-for-spain': [gettext('App for Spain'), gettext('Apps for Spain')],
        'apps-for-uruguay': [gettext('App for Uruguay'), gettext('Apps for Uruguay')],
        'apps-for-venezuela': [gettext('App for Venezuela'), gettext('Apps for Venezuela')],
        'arts-entertainment': [gettext('Arts & Entertainment'), gettext('Arts & Entertainment')],
        'arts-entertainment-spotlight': [gettext('Arts & Entertainment Spotlight'), gettext('Arts & Entertainment Spotlight')],
        'be-more-productive': [gettext('Be More Productive'), gettext('Be More Productive')],
        'better-business': [gettext('Better Business'), gettext('Better Business')],
        'book': [gettext('Book'), gettext('Book')],
        'editors-pick': [gettext('Editors\' Pick'), gettext('Editors\' Picks')],
        'education': [gettext('Education'), gettext('Education')],
        'education-spotlight': [gettext('Education Spotlight'), gettext('Education Spotlight')],
        'featured-app-for-work-business': [gettext('Featured App for Work & Business'), gettext('Featured Apps for Work & Business')],
        'featured-camera-app': [gettext('Featured Camera App'), gettext('Featured Camera Apps')],
        'featured-creativity-app': [gettext('Featured Creativity App'), gettext('Featured Creativity Apps')],
        'featured-lifestyle-app': [gettext('Featured Lifestyle App'), gettext('Featured Lifestyle Apps')],
        'featured-social-app': [gettext('Featured Social App'), gettext('Featured Social Apps')],
        'for-music-lovers': [gettext('For Music Lovers'), gettext('For Music Lovers')],
        'for-travelers': [gettext('For Travelers'), gettext('For Travelers')],
        'games': [gettext('Games'), gettext('Games')],
        'get-connected': [gettext('Get Connected'), gettext('Get Connected')],
        'get-creative': [gettext('Get Creative'), gettext('Get Creative')],
        'get-things-done': [gettext('Get Things Done'), gettext('Get Things Done')],
        'getting-around': [gettext('Getting Around'), gettext('Getting Around')],
        'great-game': [gettext('Great Game'), gettext('Great Games')],
        'great-read': [gettext('Great Read'), gettext('Great Reads')],
        'groundbreaking-app': [gettext('Groundbreaking App'), gettext('Groundbreaking Apps')],
        'health-fitness': [gettext('Health & Fitness'), gettext('Health & Fitness')],
        'healthy-living': [gettext('Healthy Living'), gettext('Healthy Living')],
        'hidden-gem': [gettext('Hidden Gem'), gettext('Hidden Gems')],
        'hot-game': [gettext('Hot Game'), gettext('Hot Game')],
        'instant-fun': [gettext('Instant Fun!'), gettext('Instant Fun!')],
        'lifestyle': [gettext('Lifestyle'), gettext('Lifestyle')],
        'lifestyle-culture': [gettext('Lifestyle & Culture'), gettext('Lifestyle & Culture')],
        'live-healthy': [gettext('Live Healthy'), gettext('Live Healthy')],
        'local-community-favorites': [gettext('Local Community Favorite'), gettext('Local Community Favorites')],
        'local-favorite': [gettext('Local Favorite'), gettext('Local Favorites')],
        'maps-navigation': [gettext('Maps & Navigation'), gettext('Maps & Navigation')],
        'maps-navigation-spotlight': [gettext('Maps & Navigation Spotlight'), gettext('Maps & Navigation Spotlight')],
        'music': [gettext('Music'), gettext('Music')],
        'mystery-app': [gettext('Mystery App!'), gettext('Mystery Apps!')],
        'news-weather': [gettext('News & Weather'), gettext('News & Weather')],
        'news-weather-spotlight': [gettext('News & Weather Spotlight'), gettext('News & Weather Spotlight')],
        'photo-video': [gettext('Photo & Video'), gettext('Photo & Video')],
        'play-this-game-right-now': [gettext('Play This Game Right Now'), gettext('Play These Games Right Now')],
        'shopping': [gettext('Shopping'), gettext('Shopping')],
        'smart-shopping-apps': [gettext('Smart Shopping App'), gettext('Smart Shopping Apps')],
        'social': [gettext('Social'), gettext('Social')],
        'sports': [gettext('Sports'), gettext('Sports')],
        'staff-pick': [gettext('Staff Pick'), gettext('Staff Picks')],
        'the-sporting-life': [gettext('The Sporting Life'), gettext('The Sporting Life')],
        'todays-top-app': [gettext('Today\'s Top App'), gettext('Today\'s Top Apps')],
        'tools-time-savers': [gettext('Tools & Time Saver'), gettext('Tools & Time Savers')],
        'travel': [gettext('Travel'), gettext('Travel')],
        'travel-guide': [gettext('Travel Guide'), gettext('Travel Guides')],
        'work-business': [gettext('Work & Business'), gettext('Work & Business')],


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Assignee: nobody → pwalmsley
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4 years ago
What file format do you guys want these in?
Flags: needinfo?(pwalmsley)

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4 years ago
I think we want PNGs.

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4 years ago
Available here:
Assignee: pwalmsley → charmston

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4 years ago
Time to integrate them in.

Transonic and Fireplace both share three files: feed_item.html, feed.styl, and feed.js. Transonic uses them for previews. Fireplace uses them for the actual feed. These files are all synced. I'd probably define the editorial brand -> icon path mapping in feed.js and use them in feed_item.html.
Summary: get editorial brand icons → get editorial brand icons + add icons to transonic previews and fireplace feed


4 years ago
Priority: -- → P3

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4 years ago
PR up for Fireplace here:
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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No longer blocks: 1030534
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