Re-opening the folder list does not take you back to the current folder



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Tested on a flame with the current 2.1 nightlies.


1. Have an account with lots of folders
2. Scroll down the list away from the first screen and select a folder
3. Re-open the folder list because you selected the wrong one by accident.

Expected results:

You are back in the same place in the list and can select the right one.

Actual results:

You are back at the top of the list and have to scroll all the way down again.


3 years ago
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I can see where it should be possible to make sure the currently selected folder is in view. I have a slight concern that this could conflict with the desire for people who want to access the menu to switch accounts. The account switch section is scrolled off-screen when the folder list is scrolled.

Perhaps if only one account is configured it scrolls to make sure the current folder is in view, but if multiple it does not? Since my initial thought is that people with multiple accounts are more likely to want to switch, and long lists of folders are likely less the norm.

So asking UX for guidance.
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3 years ago
Hi Mark,
I know your concern, and it is also our expectation to make the flow seamlessly. However, consider about what James described, the situation that users want to switch between accounts can be more frequently. And I think for the people who stay on the folder and leave the app then back to the app on the next time, they probably won't remember when is the last status of the folder list. I would suggest to keep the folder list(drawer) on the top list every time when users open it.

So I guess the better solution for your situation is to tweak the performance of the screen more accurately to prevent tapping wrong folder.

Or if it still happens lots of time in your experience, please let me know:)
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