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Empty modules list on android x86


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I wanted to look at a crash report for my tablet: The crash report doesn't have any symbols and glandium noticed that the module list is missing.
Wonder if this is a variation on the usual elfhack bustage?
Attached file maps
If I run minidump_dump on that dump I get:
2014-07-07 13:57:22: ERROR: MinidumpModuleList could not store module 211/213,, 0x85623000+0x2b04000
2014-07-07 13:57:22: ERROR: GetStream could not read stream type 4
2014-07-07 13:57:22: ERROR: minidump.GetModuleList() failed

Removing the error from that GetModuleList path I can get the data out, there is a list of modules, it just has some overlapping memory ranges or something.

Attached is the /proc/self/maps bit from the minidump.
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I tried using the fixer program that we had used historically but it doesn't seem to produce a working minidump given that input.
Looks like the logic for adding a page between the decompression buffer and the loaded library was broken by bug 920558. That is, there should be a page free between the first read-write mapping and the subsequent ones. I don't remember if the fixer was for that particular issue. I think it was for something else.
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Oh, in fact, the logic is working... it's just assuming something that happens not to be true... I guess we should just revert back to using a page before and a page after... or fix breakpad.
(In reply to Mike Hommey [:glandium] from comment #5)
> or fix breakpad.

You know, those patches that have been sitting for more than a year ;)
What was the needinfo on me for? (Also I am fully shamed by my inability to review those patches.)
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(In reply to Ted Mielczarek [:ted.mielczarek] from comment #7)
> What was the needinfo on me for? (Also I am fully shamed by my inability to
> review those patches.)

For your thoughts on how to go forward. We can either continue working around it in the linker, get my year-old breakpad patches up-to-date and landed, or fixup breakpad to split /proc/self/maps mappings that have a part in mappings given in report_mapping.
15:42 wlp|tab: Just upgraded Firefox for Android to version 41.0.  It now repeatedly crashes when I scroll enough on  Is there a regression on the matter?
15:45 liuche: wlp|tab: hey there - that's not supposed to happen
15:45 liuche: wlp|tab: what device are you using?
15:46 wlp|tab: ASUS MemoPad 10" 32GB WiFi.  Note this device is Intel powered.
15:47 wlp|tab: I was able to scroll a wikipedia page just fine.  After that, I could scroll for longer on Google News.  I think it might have something to do with how fast you move the page.
15:47 nalexander: wlp|tab: can you look in about:crashes and see if you have records?
15:48 wlp|tab:
15:48 firebot: wlp|tab:
15:48 wlp|tab: Stupid bot.
15:48 wlp|tab: firebot bad bot
15:48 firebot cowers.
15:48 wlp|tab:
15:48 firebot: wlp|tab:
15:48 wlp|tab:
15:48 firebot: wlp|tab:
15:49 nalexander: wlp|tab: do they all look similar?
15:50 wlp|tab: Don't know.  It just crashed while I was scrolling on that last page.
15:50 nalexander: wlp|tab: hmm, looks like stack unwinding is not happy.
15:50 wlp|tab: So it isn't just Google.
15:51 nalexander: wlp|tab: your crashes all look similar, but that might be an artifact of busted stack unwinding.
15:51 wlp|tab: Do you have an Intel device?
15:51 nalexander: ted: snorp: you're the resident stack unwinding experts, especially on x86.  Any hints?
15:51 nalexander: wlp|tab: we have some x86 devices, yes.
15:51 nalexander: wlp|tab: I don't have one myself.
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