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Loop xpcshell tests will fail when mozilla-central 33 is merged to mozilla-aurora on July 21st


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The xpcshell oranges in and - apparently test_loopservice_expiry.js and test_loopservice_get_loop_char_pref.js and test_loopservice_initialize.js and test_loopservice_locales.js depend on a pref that's defined nightly-only, and don't do a good job of coping with it not being defined.

You've got three weeks to avoid permaorange, starting tomorrow.
Strange, I'm sure I remember adding this at some stage, but it clearly isn't there...

Simple if addition for the loop core parts. Try server run (with loop disabled) is here:

We're probably going to be moving to a pref-based on/off system before the end of the cycle, but just in case, we'll get this bug out the way away - as by the time I'd looked at it, I had the patch virtually written anyway.
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