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Remove links to 'timeline' and 'machines' or add a "Not yet implemented" message


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(Reporter: emorley, Assigned: jfrench)




The 'timeline' and 'machines' tabs are visible top left of the Treeherder UI, however they are not yet implemented (the features themselves are very much a future project and not blocking).

However, if you click them, you just get the message "timeline view" or "machines view" with the page being otherwise blank, which gives the impression that it might just have not loaded properly.

I think we should either temporarily remove the tabs, or else change the message shown, so that it's clearer that they are not expected to work yet.

I don't mind too much which we do? Maybe the latter so devs checking out the treeherder UI for the first time, understand why there is a "jobs" tab on the top bar - otherwise it looks redundant, given there would be no other tabs there to start with.

Marking blocking only because this is low hanging fruit and likely to cause repeated "is this feature supposed to work?" questions on IRC once we ask for wider feedback on Treeherder.
Priority: -- → P2
I agree, it would make sense to temporarily remove them if pulling them from the html templates is not architecturally problematic. You would not need to worry about providing a placeholder warning on the landing page(s), and users wouldn't spend time navigating there.
I chatted with camd on IRC, and rather than a more complex ng-hide or css nth-child() targeting of the 2nd and 3rd elements under navbar-nav (class is shared in other parts of the UI), is to just remove it for now in the template, a one line change, and leave a comment there for re-inclusion later. I will make that change and put it up.
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Camd has merged the PR and kindly pushed to dev

Ed, can you check that the removal works for you? Just to be sure. I will marked it fixed if that's the case.
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(In reply to Jonathan French (:jfrench) from comment #4)
> Ed, can you check that the removal works for you? Just to be sure. I will
> marked it fixed if that's the case.

yup, lgtm (for things like this, I'm happy for you to close the bug out yourself after checking dev; I can always reopen if there's something that needs following up on :-))
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Thanks Ed, will do! I just wanted to be sure nothing had changed in the interim.
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